Transistor PlayStation 4 Review
The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 5 – No Going Back Review
The Intro: The Walking Dead graphic novels have been one thing above all – consistently unpredictable. Whenever you thought a character was safe, it turned out they really weren’t. Whenever you thought the survivors had a situation under control, a new threat or some more zombies showed up to prove you wrong.
Gaming Firsts: A different perspective on influential gaming experiences
            I’ve never thought about my gaming history in any systematic way, so this post is me thinking through my gaming firsts (well, mostly firsts).
Videogames are the best thing to happen to storytelling!
In 1941, the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges wrote a story called “The Garden of Forking Paths” that was basically a “wouldn’t it be cool” vision of a story that could include all of its different possible outcomes—when a decision was made, the story could follow each of the forking paths that result.
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Lego The Hobbit Review - The Old School Game Vault
The Intro: The Lego series of games have been immensely successful at capturing the essence of the franchises they attempt to portray, all while infusing them with a sense of humor and goofiness.
How can I sell my games: 5 Tips to Sell Video Games Online
When you are trying to sell your vintage video game collection, your local options just may not cut it. You need to get your games for sale in front of the right buyers. That's why we recommend going online and finding a great company that offers competitive prices, with zero listing fees, zero selling fees and is super convent. Many online websites take the hassle out of selling online. 
Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King Review
The Intro: The world of the Dark Souls games has always been one of the greatest strengths of the franchise. Through the story, visual design and other gameplay elements, the games are able to convey a strong sense of history.
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