Star Wars Battlefront Review – The Old School Game Vault
The Intro: In a few weeks, the (arguably) biggest movie franchise on the planet returns to movie screens. There are several reasons why Star Wars is such an iconic pop-culture mainstay.
Hohokum Playstation 4 Review - The Old School Game Vault
The Intro: There’s been a trend that has unfortunately plagued modern gaming. Back in the day, games that were difficult didn’t pretend to be otherwise. They didn’t spoon-feed the player.
Dragon Quest Heroes - Playstation 4 Review
The Intro: Dragon Quest Heroes: The World’s Tree Woe and the Blight Below is an interesting game. At once, it offers you the relentless pleasure of slaughtering Blue Slimes (cute-looking killer blobs, for those of you who are new to the franchise)
Diablo III Ultimate Evil - Review
The Intro: In Diablo III, you battled your way to the high heavens through hellfire and brimstone. You tangled with angels, demons, sorcerers and legions of unholy demons, critters and monsters. Under the unforgiving skies of the heavens, you fought Diablo for the very fate of the world itself. With tremendous difficulty (and the right items and skill build) you managed to defeat the greatest threat this world has ever faced. Where would you go from here? Glad you asked.
Where to Sell Used Electronics Online & Get Instant Cash
One of the exciting things about electronic technology is how frequently a new model is released: better, faster, more memory, more features, more power, larger screens or just plain cooler.
Game of Thrones: Episode Two - The Lost Lords PS4 Review
The Intro: Much like George R. R. Martin’s wildly popular series of books, Telltale started off its Game of Thrones franchise with an instalment that was essentially a slow burn.
Citizens of Earth Playstation 4 Review
TitanFall Review - The Old School Game Vault
The Intro: In today’s day and age, across all platforms, it’s fair to say that there are probably too many first-person shooter games. More precisely, there are so many of them around that it is hard to get excited about an FPS game anymore.
Where to Sell Video Games Online for Cash
There are many things to consider when researching where to sell video games online for cash. You want to find an honest, reputable company, with a solid trade-in program for selling games, which will take a little research on your end. Taking into consideration the following points will aid in finding a desired video game company. Availability Unf...