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Turbografx 16 Console with 1 Controller & Keith Courage with Audio/Video Mod

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What's Included:

(1) Turbografx 16 Console - Visible surface scratches on top of the console with a few scuff marks. Has some visible wear and tear from normal usage and enjoyment.  I noticed when testing if you jiggle the RF Switch during gameplay the screen becomes fuzzy.  If you don't make any movements during gameplay everything is fine.

(1) Controllers

(1) AC Adapter

(1) RF Switch

(1) Game: Super Keith Courage


Video Game Console
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Product SKU 001000002957
Used - Good
Turbografx 16


Saturday, 02 February 2019
The library of Turbografx games are great, but I'd recommend being a fan of retro shmups. The turbografx is all about the shooters, top-down and side-scrolling fun.