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Pokemon Sapphire Version + Saves - Authentic Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA Game

Pokemon Sapphire Version - Nintendo GameBoy Advance Game
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GameBoy Advance Game for Sale: Pokémon Sapphire Version + Saves

The game comes exactly as shown in the photo, please use the photo to judge the condition of the game. Most games in [good condition] have visible small surface scratches to the front label - with normal wear and tear to cartridge shell & could have some residue or markings on the back shell.

----> The battery is dead, so clock based events will not occur!

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Additional Notes:

  • Only certain Game Boy Advance cartridges use a battery backup.
  • A GBA cartridge can contain either EEPROM, SRAM, or Flash RAM. Only the SRAM variant would need a battery backup.
  • If you have a question about that, do a Google search. So for most games saving is not a problem.
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GameBoy Advance
Video Game
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Role Playing


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