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Requirements to Sell GameCube Games:
All Nintendo GameCube Games Should Include: Case | Manual | Game Disc | Art-Work
GameCube Games Received Either With: Copied Art-work | Generic Art-work | or No Art-Work | Will Be Rejected
GameCube Games Received in Loose Condition "meaning game disc only" | Will Be Rejected
All Nintendo GameCube Consoles & Accessories must be fully functional

(GameCube): Animal Crossing

Brand: Nintendo

Price: $23.96

The GameCube game your selling should include: The Game Disc, Case, Manual and Original Artwork to avoid deductions.

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Fun Facts About the Nintendo GameCube

The Nintendo GameCube was Nintendo's first attempt at a CD based gaming library.  The Nintendo GameCube wasn't the best selling console at the time with only around 22 million consoles sold.  While many in the industry may have not of been a huge gamecube fan.  Where the Nintendo GameCube excelled was it's library and the ability to connect and play Game Boy Advance games. 

The gamecube has some awesome games in it's library with a bunch of Super Mario & Luigi games, not to mention a new and imporved Mario Kart & Smash Bros.  Super Smash Bros Melee was infact the top selling game with almost 8 million in sales.

When you sell Nintendo gamecube games online to The Old School Game Vault it is important that the games are complete. Meaning each game should come with the original case, artwork, manual and game disc. Games received in “loose” condition will be rejected; games with generic or no artwork will be rejected. GameCube games received with a missing manual will incur a 30% deduction from the quoted value. 

Its super easy to sell used gamecube games online through our website. You can manually search each game you have to sell by the game title or all the games are listed in alphabetical order. We only buy a couple of the sports titles from the GameCube library so the majority we no longer purchase.