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Selling PS Vita Games Requirements: They Should Include:
Case | Game Cartridge | Art-Work
It's understood many PS Vita Games did not Include a printed Manual
Games Received Either With: Copied Art-work | Generic Art-work | or No Art-Work | Will Lose Half of the Quoted Price
Games Received in Loose Condition "meaning game cartridge only" | Will Lose Half of the Quoted Price
We also buy the PlayStation vita console
Looking to Sell PS Vita Games, Look no further! 
Here at The Old School Game Vault, we love the PlayStation vita.  The graphics, the compatibility and games just fit right in your hand.  The PS Vita, to be honest, is not the most popular handheld console, as it's been more popular in Japan than the United States.  In the ever-growing battle between Sony and Nintendo, the Nintendo 3ds has sold over a whopping 70 million consoles compared to under 20 million for Sony.  So how has Nintendo achieved such handheld success?  Many attribute this to the cost, and the fan base, as the PS Vita never really got popular in the US.  Don't get me wrong the vita has a great library of games, and have allowed indie games onto the console.  Some of the more popular games being: Uncharted Golden Abyss, Assassin's Creed III Liberation, Call of Duty, Little Big Planet and Persona 4 Golden among others.  When you are ready to sell ps vita games online through our website, just use the search bar and enter the title of the game.