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(SNES): Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage

Product Code: 20763110341

Price: $1.30

The box and manual are not included when selling Super Nintendo games, but are always welcome.  Ensure the game label is free from tears and stickers, to avoid being rejected

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When Selling
Disc Games:
1.  All Disc Games need to Include:
Case | Manual | Art-work and
Game Disc

2.  Missing items are subject to deductions and rejections. 

3.  Refer to the Category Page
for further information.
When Selling
Cartridge Games:
1.  All prices quotes for cartridge
based games are for the
cartridge only.
2.  Excluded in this are:
(Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3ds
, PS Vita, Turbograpx-16,
3.  Refer to the Category page
for further information
regarding deductions.