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Thank you so much for the quick service. Very trustworthy company. I will use them again.
Never sold anything like this before. Really nice experience with Old School Game Vault. Everything was simple, fast, and decently priced. Definitely coming here again.
Sold about 50 old nintendo cartridges. Everything was very straightforward and easy. I received exactly what I expected and the turnaround time and communication were both outstanding. Great experience.
Fast and easy. Brandon was super nice and accessible. Definitely use them again.
This was my first time selling games on line I am glad I picked this one.Great communication everything was fast. When my kids out grow more games I will use them again.Thank you
Old School Game Vault is outstanding! I had no problems selling all my video games. Compared with other similar websites, Old School Game Vault buy your games with the best prices over any of the rest. If I had more games or consoles to sell I wouldn't think twice about sell them to this website.
Fast and easy. No fuss and payment was prompt.
I've done business with this site several times over the past few years and have had nothing but great experiences good communication while processing the order and fast payment when orders received haven't been let down yet.
I have been doing business with this site for awhile now and I have to say they are very trustworthy and very communicative with the customer. Easy to approach with questions and fast response time. Easy to work with and a pleasure. Thank you.
I use to look around everywhere online to find a place to sell my old video games and consoles. I found TheOldSchoolGameVault and was kinda worried at first that it might be a scam so I didn't continue on. But I was reading all the great things people were saying about the site so I gave it a try. I sent in my order and since it was over $100 they sent me a shipping label which made me feel confident with continuing on with the order. I sent out my package and once it arrived they emailed me RIGHT AWAY!! stating they received my package. 3 to 4 days later, again they got back to me RIGHT AWAY!!! with confirmation stating that the money was sent to your PayPal and thanking me for my business. Long story short, the people over at TheOldSchoolGameVault are AMAZING!! NO SCAMS!! NO HASSLE!! NO WAITING!! These people are the REAL DEAL. Remember people always keep your old games and consoles in great condition because you'll never know how much money it'll be worth worth someday. 10/10 customer service, fairness and loyalty.
I was skeptical of selling my games to any website that I simply found on the first page of a google search, but I'm so glad I used this one. Brandon sent emails the whole way letting me know how the process went and at what stages my package was in. I received nearly all of my expected pay within one week of shipment, which was astounding since some of the games hadn't been tried/played in a decade. I can't speak highly enough of the service this website provided, especially since I used another website for some games at the same time and haven't heard anything from them (I'm looking at you cashforgamers"dot"com). I recommend this to any and everyone trying to sell some old games.
During the entire process I was skeptical that The Old School Game Vault was legitimate. With every interaction with Brandon, I felt better and better, but in this world we live in, it's difficult to trust. I can say without any doubt that this site, and the person behind it are 100% legitimate and honest. I was given a fair quote, sent a shipping label, had a fair evaluation of what I sent, and received payment...exactly as stated on the website. I am sad that I sold a treasured collection, but I am happy that it had value to The Old School Game Vault and the process was far easier than an Ebay or Craig's List approach. Thank you!
I recently sold a large box of old childhood video games to the Oldschool Game Vault. It went exactly as promised.

Brandon was great with communication, prompt in processing the games and payment, and gave a fair price. I'm a satisfied customer!
This is a great place to sell video games. I recently sold this company about $500 in old video games. The communication was prompt, I received a free UPS label. Brandon let me know when the package arrived and the turn around time with my payment was quick. - Thank You. Ben
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