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The perfect business model for the 21st. Century! Easy, straight forward, communicative, and most of all Honest. Brandon and The Old School Game Vault are what all businesses should strive to be!
Fast, fair, professional transaction. I would highly recommend doing business.
Excellent business interactions with Brandon and The Old School Game Vault. Smooth transactions, but most importantly, they do what few companies do well these days.... communicate. I received a status update at each step through the process with a timeline and what to expect. All around pleasure to do business with.
There is no better site around to buy and sell. Brandon is prompt and efficient and honest. Cheers. Good work.
Excellent service. I received an e-mail stating that they had received my shipment and less than 24 hours later I had my payment sent. I will absolutely be looking to use this website again if I need to sell games in the future.
This guy is legitimate. He was going on vacation about the time I sent my order in. Not only did he tell me up front about the vacation and warn me about delays but as soon as he got back and was able to start going through my order he sent me an email then too, just to keep me up to date with what was happening! Customer service is A+ here. Will definitely continue doing business here.
Brandon was very easy to work with and provided promot feedback to questions. Frequent updates on the processing of items and anticipated payments was also given.
I sold a variety of Nintendo games to The Old School Game Vault and was very pleased with the prompt and courteous customer service I received from Brandon. He stayed in touch at every step of the process, and I received my payment this morning. I will definitely be doing business with him again!
Joe Ullman
Brandon is a great guy to work with. I got a fair deal for the games I sold him. When he says no collection is too big he means it as I sold $1,200 worth of Sega CD & Sega Saturn Games. Will be back again.
I am a HUGE fan now and all my second guessing went away. Exceptional customer service. The ordering and shipping process is second to none. Communication is top notch--what more can i say except Brandon cares and it shows-- "It's On with BrandOn"
This was the second time that i've done business with the Old School Game Vault. Brandon has again provided great service. He was very informative and helpful with the game selling process. If I decide to sell any more of my games, I will make sure to get in touch with the Old School Game Vault.
nate dawg
they are very helpful through the process especially if its your first time, the only problem i had was they don't tell you if there are any games that cant be accepted they would charge or deduct from your significant amount obviously giving you less, but other than that there easy and take consideration to your old and new games.
I would like to point out there accurate and very helpful because you know with them by their good service your old or semi new games are going to be in good hands but there are a few things that could make it better such as certain deductions based on mailing or because of a manual pamphlets missing but there definitely better than some places that i shall not mention.
Fantastic service. Very fair trade in prices. Excellent communication and speedy all around. I can't recommend Brandon enough!
Jason S.
Wonderful experience! I had a bunch of games that I didn't play anymore. Heck, I didn't even had the consoles anymore. I was always worried I wouldn't be able to get anything much out them after years of handling them with great care.
I saw Old School Game Vault online and saw they offered great prices. I sent my games in, and Brandon and the guys took care of me and communicated with me at every step of the evaluation process.
So, as long as you take care of your games, Brandon and the Vault will give you a very fair deal.
This was my first time selling video games online, and I had a great experience. I was nervous selling online for the first time, but the website was very easy to operate, and the process was made very transparent. Brandon was very easy to work with, and was more than willing to answer any and all of my questions. This business is very professional, honest, and gives very fair prices. I highly recommend selling your games here.
Denise Durband
I have been using these guys to sell some of my beloved oldies and have had nothing but excellence from them. Case in point from last time, I accidently entered a qty. of 2 instead of one. They fixed that. In that same thing I asked if it could be "comingled" with a previous order that I just spaced out adding to the first order and asked for one shipping label for both orders. BINGO! they did it. These guys are the best. In my opinion the most trusted site to sell your oldies no matter which kind. Thanks again!
I had an awesome selling experience. It's super easy to create a selling list, the prices are fair and Brandon is quick to respond. Highly recommend selling through the Old School Game Vault.
Very easy and streamlined process. Saved me time from selling each individually! If you have boxes or extras he also takes those as well.
Brandon is the real deal. I've completed several orders with him, and every time, the process is a breeze. Great prices, great communication, friendly and professional - The Old School Game Vault is highly recommended for all your game selling needs!
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