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Honestly thought this was a scam at first because I did not get an order confirmation when I placed my order. However, after the weekend, I got my order confirmation and shipping confirmation and it arrived extremely fast after that. Looks perfect and exactly what I wanted. Now I have a complete in box Pokemon Colosseum copy. Very happy with this site and will definitely buy from again.
This is a great place to offload your old games. Brandon was very responsive and I'm relieved my games will hopefully find new homes with people who will enjoy them.
Great online selling experience. Brandon is quick to respond and is willing to work with you. Would highly recommend and I will be using The Old School Game Vault next time I sell games.
Easy to use, great prices, great communication. Bottom line - no better place to sell your gaming stuff.
Easy to use site and they game me more for my games then GameStop.
Old School Game Vault is great. Brandon is very quick to respond and makes the process very easy. I will do business with Brandon and OSGV again.
This process is about as easy as you can get. Just type the name out, select from a list, and hit sell. Then after that they'll let ya know if it's all good, you accept, then you'll get an email with a FedEx slip to put on the box. Even though the label says USPostal, it really is FedEx, so be sure to take it to FedEx.

This was better than just throwing away 30 years of my life in the trash. At least somebody out there will get to experience the same fun, if not collectors getting some real gems I had :)

The process is simple and concise. Even with my own blunder of mistyping my contact information, Brandon went ahead and issued a 2nd payment that came directly to me. With this virus infecting our nation we are all going through tough times. Especially my family and I. I cannot express enough gratitude. Brandon didn't have to issue me the 2nd transaction he could have easily just told me I'd have to wait for the other to cancel and return. I HIGHLY recommend doing business here as he exhibits the kind of customer service and care that we all want and need. Thank you again Brandon! It has been a pleasure.
Assuming the check DOESN'T bounce, the process has been very painless and convenient. It was easy to search up old games and add them to a list. Once a final tally was given, the instructions were easy to follow. Brandon even sent me an email stating he received it Friday. Normally the message would end there, but he went the extra mile and told me to expect the payment to be sent on Monday. Everything was communicated clearly and concisely.

Using this service I was able to get a lot more cash for my old video games than offered anywhere else.Brandon was very attentive in every step of the way with frequent updates.I will definitely use this service again in the future.
Easy to sell to, excellent communication and over all wonderful selling experience. A++ business
Calvin Mc
Old school game vault is the Truth i have sold Them almost my entire collection from sega genisis ,PS1,PS2,PS3,Dreamcast,N64,Super NES and more.Im truly pleased with the communication and payment i received for my games they are truly fair and will be upfront and totally honest with you concerning items you send in.He gives you a quote and stays firm to it.Thanks Brandon for all you do at OldSchool Game Vault.
Jeff S.
Smooth, quick and easy process. Excellent communication and very fair on prices. Payment was prompt. A pleasure to do business with! Thanks Brandon!!
The entire selling process was very easy and straightforward. Brandon kept very good email communication throughout and the entire process was a pleasure.
Great place to sell games. Answered questions in less than a day through email, in some cases an hour. Prices are fair and you get paid quickly after shipping the games. I will continue to sell my older games here.
K. Copeland
I was looking to narrow down my video game collection, but wasn't looking forward to the time involved posting everything on eBay. Luckily I stumbled upon Old School Game Vault and their trade-in game program. Brandon kept me updated through the entire process once I had shipped over a box of my old games. Overall it was a very convenient and painless process. I would highly recommend this service and see myself using it again in the future. Thanks again!
Calvin Mc
Old school game vault is truly the real deal selling them my old school super Nintendo games was smooth and easy they pay you a fair price and they touch basis with you during the process.They are one a kind.And Big Props to Brandon truly a professional.
Greg Abel
The Old School Game Vault is awesome! Have you ever seen one of your old games for sale online for big bucks? Then you wish you could sell your game for that much? But then there’s all the trouble of setting up the sale, and then there’s all the waiting for a buyer! The Old School Game Vault makes everything simple. Sure, you’re not going to get that high sale price for that valuable game you have. But after you sell your moderate and lower priced games to The Old School Game Vault, you will get more money than you would have for that one valuable game! And it’s way faster than doing it all yourself.

Most of my games were in good condition, not perfect condition. I was concerned I would lose value from my games. But The Old School Game Vault was very fair with their compensation. You can trust this company!
Jackie Y
My husband had this stack of games he wanted me to sell on eBay. And after a year, and our son finding them I started looking for other avenues. I had neither the time or patience to deal with eBay. Brandon was easy to work with and the whole process took less than a week. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you
Graeme H.
I sold over $100 worth of old games, and I was very happy with the process. Brandon is great to work with.
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