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Compared to other places I've sold games, this was painless and more profitable. I would definitely sell here again, definitely give them a try.
Pete J
This was my first time selling games. Brandon made the process very easy and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Will be using The Old School Game Vault in the future if I intend to sell more games.
Quick and easy process to sell a bunch of my old games I didn't need anymore. I shopped around and they offered the best overall price for my 30-50 games. Brandon was very communicative and friendly. I'm glad I used their service!
Sean K.
Not only is the Old School Game Vault totally legit, but Brandon, the owner, does a great job staying in communication throughout the process. I was looking for a way to unload my decades-old videogame stash prior to a cross-country move, and this place was my savior!

The prices the Old School Game Vault offers are surprising in many cases. Give their "Sell Video Games" form a look -- you might just find you're holding a lot of value in those classic NES, SNES, PlayStation and Sega Saturn games!
Great NES Game thanks. This game worked right away with zero issues thank you!
What a simple process! I sold all my kids Xbox 360 & Playstation games, as they wanted to upgrade to the Nintendo Switch. I must
admit this was a hassle free experience from start to finish.
Joseph Miller
This was my first experience using The Old School Game Vault, and I have to say....I am more than impressed! Brandon kept in constant contact and was open and honest with the games he received (if he wasn’t able to take them). Great prices for games I no longer play and have collected throughout the years! The process was painless and very quick! 5/5! I will definitely go through Brandon to sell any and all of my old games!
Robert Mathis
I've used The Game Vault on several occasions to sell some of my old games. Brandon makes the process easy and simple. I also bought a few games from him recently, the gamecube games I bought where flawless and worked great. Thanks Bob
So happy we found Brandon and The Old School Game Vault. My son wanted to get rid of a bunch of old games he no longer plays. The website was so easy to use and gave you a great idea of what your game is worth. Shipping was easy and Brandon was in constant communication on were they were in their process. I would highly recommend them and will be using them again
Dennis H.
I was initially worried my order wouldn't process because I sent it in on a weekend. Thankfully, Brandon got started right up away on the following Monday and arranged things between us to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Definitely give it a shot if you're thinking about selling off your old games.
The process was very straightforward. Sold a bunch of my NES and SNES games for a reasonable price. This is a legitimate business. I would definitely sell my games here again!
Shawn M
5 stars!! I needed to get rid of my old n64 and games. I received the payment listed on their website for my games and system. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.
This is a legitimate business and I thought the final amount I was paid for my games was fair. The whole process was also pretty easy and fast.
Working with Brandon was an awesome experience! Because he was highly communicative I knew I was in good hands. I would recommend Brandon to anyone that wants to sell their games at very fair prices!
Jason C.
Recently sold my entire video game collection to the Old School Game Vault. I shopped around and without a doubt, Brandon pays top dollar for all items. The payments were prompt as well. Would absolutely recommendation him to anyone.
I highly recommend Old School Game Vault! I had an excellent experience selling with Brandon - he made selling a breeze! He emailed me when he received my order, when it would be processed and when my payment was on the way. Everything happened quickly and efficiently. Thank you, Brandon!
Excellent way to rid of old games while making a good chunk of change! Brandon kept me informed along the process. It took only a short time for him to review the contents I sent him and pay me. I would definitely recommend The Old School Game Vault.
Found a ton of old games in a closet. Old School Game Vault gave me far and away the best offer for them, and were incredibly fast with their checks and payment (payment was exactly as offered, they are not a company that is trying to make up reasons to take money off). Extremely quick and easy. Definitely recommend and will definitely work with them again.
My husband died expectedly & I was forced to sell off our very large collection of video games - well over a hundred titles spanning several generations of consoles. Brandon let me do a bulk order - I sent him a spreadsheet of all the titles. Shipping was paid for & payment was received very quickly. I made far more than what I would have at GameStop or the local shops that buy games - and I didn't have to bother with eBay. I would absolutely recommend The Old School Game Vault to anyone!
The process was amazingly simple. I sold off well over a hundred titles ranging from PS1 - PS3, Xbox & Xbox360, tons of Nintendo titles. Payment was fast & far better than what GameStop would have given me (if anything) & way better than trying to eBay the collection!!
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