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Very good sell prices. Great customer service and speedy delivery. Definitely reccommend to anyone looking to sell their old games!
Matthew Madden
This is the best place to sell your old videos games fast and easy for a great price. Brandon was very respectful and easy to work with when i had questions, he kept in constant contact and i was never left in the dark. Old school Gamer Vault is a diamond in the rough.
Matthew Madden
This is honestly the best place on the internet to do business with video games quickly and easy. The owner, Brandon, was honest and respectful and answered every question without hesitation.
Matthew Madden
This is honestly the best place to sell your games online, Fast and easy way to get a chunk of money for your old games.
Iris Hinds
The Old School Game Vault is a legitimate company that buys old video games and systems. Brandon is great and extremely helpful. You can contact him at anytime with your questions or problems and he contacts you when he receives your package and when he is ready to make a payment. I have sold over 50 items to this company and have been paid within a view days through PayPal. I highly recommend the Old School Game Vault and plan to continue to do business with this A++ company.
I've had two trade-in transactions here, and both went very smoothly. The entire process was exactly as it was described to be, and I was paid via PayPal a few days later. There were no item disputes and issues with shipping. If I find another set of games someday, I'll definitely send them this way!
Anthony Barbarino
I just have to say, what a great experience I had. I was hesitant after because I don't usually do business online but Brandon was very helpful and was always there to answer any questions I had. Received my payment in the timeframe he told me. Putting together another order now and will definitely be back for more business.
What a fantastic service! I was a little nervous about sending along a bunch of games to a company that I hadn't heard of before, but I gave it a chance and so glad I did. The website is easy to use and after checking the games, Brandon paid me exactly what he quoted me. I plan on using Old School Game Vault again in the future!
Very fast process. Got the amount that was posted for the items that i sold. Everything was broken down, easy to understand. Great doing business with you Brandon.
Great communication between Brandon and myself. I had previously used this site for selling games in the past. He notified me when my shipment arrived, which games were accepted/not accepted, and provided payment and a return shipment of one game that was a bad copy (potentially from a bad seller in the past). Will be using this service in the future for any additional games I come across.
The Old School Game Vault handled my transaction quickly and professionally. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received
Very impressed by the service. Along with a handful of more modern stuff, I sent in 20 old NES games that I found in my parents basement and had no reasonable way of testing. They literally hadn't been played in a decade. Brandon reported that they all worked but one and paid me accordingly. A scammer could have easily ripped me off and said they were all junk. I would gladly trust Old School Game Vault again!
Prompt and professional service.
Frank Reppa
Simple, easy transaction, excellent communication and fair prices for the games. Fast turnaround from when I sent my order to when I got paid. Thank you!
The Old School Game Vault handled my transaction in an extremely professional way. They constantly monitored my package and provided updates to ensure that my process was going smoothly. This is the best place to sell your old games.
Tj darcy
Great guys to work with and prices are very fair
S. Thompson
They took the time to let me know my order had been received, when they would check it in, and when payment would be issued. Everything went just as they said it would. Great outfit. Sent a package to one of their competitors and they still haven't even acknowledge receipt. Great Job, thanks
Old School Game Vault was quick, easy to work with, and paid me quickly. I sold off $680 in old games and consoles! Thanks a ton!
Joseph B
This is a great place to do business if you are looking to sell your old games and gaming systems. I looked at a few places and Old School Game Vault really gives you a good amount for your stuff. They bought everything I had for about $2000.

Brandon was very friendly and helpful and once they got my stuff, I got my check pretty quickly.
Highly impressed. If you've found this site - send your stuff in with confidence. Everything I sent Brandon that was in good condition he paid very, very well for. I was skeptical when I saw some of the prices he offered. "He'll really pay THAT much for some of these old games?" But he did honor those prices. Much better service for selling back videogames than any I know. And I've used a lot.
If you're not going to independently sell them yourself, sell them here.
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