There are lots of good video games. There are fewer great retro video games. But only a select handful of retro video games qualify to hold the titles ‘Pioneer’, ‘Groundbreaking’ or ‘Legendary’.
The Intro: The Uncharted series of games have always been about scale – the scope of the stories is epic, the visuals are beautiful and the landscapes you journey through are vast and diverse.
The Intro: Let’s face it – executing a perfect superhero landing onto a field of battle and mowing down thousands of enemies, dozens with every attack is a lot of fun. And when you get to execute said carnage with some of your favorite characters?
When I first got my Game Boy Advance in 2010, Golden Sun (2001) was one of my first games. My younger brother told me it was a GBA-exclusive RPG that I would really enjoy.
The Intro: Released fifteen + years ago, Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance has proven itself one of those rare games well able to stand the test of time. The graphics have been surpassed, of course, but Fire Emblem was never primarily about the graphics.
The Intro: Who would’ve thought plants and zombies would make natural enemies? When PopCap Games first introduced the world to this epic rivalry in 2009, gamers took an immediate liking to the cute graphics, silly humor and wacky presentation.