The Intro: Simplicity is a word you seen thrown around when people write about Final Fantasy IX. They say that is the game that brings the series “back to the basics,” that it is a celebration of the past.
The Intro: When the original Lemmings came out back in the day, most modern gamers were not old enough to play video games. It had a fantastic premise where you had to micromanage a bunch of lemmings with different skill sets to complete levels with varying degrees of difficulty.
The Intro: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee first released on the PlayStation well over 16 years ago, in 1997. At the time, the game stood out due to its quirky, memorable graphics and a weird protagonist that you journeyed with through a harsh and difficult, but always enjoyable game.
The Intro: If War Thunder was a movie, it would probably have Steven Spielberg behind the camera. There are epic battles, massive explosions, hair-raising combat sequences and the sheer size and scale of the conflicts involving planes and tanks gives it the look and feel of a big budget film.
The Intro: What’s bad about being old fashioned? It certainly isn’t the same as being nostalgic. There’s a reason why a lot of gamers still enjoy old-school games. It isn’t purely because they have a special connection to them since they grew up with these games either.
The Intro: The woods are dark, mysterious, eerie and almost inviting. A shrill shriek pierces the air. The scene of a crime perhaps, or the cry of an anguished soul. You decide to follow the sound. What will you find?
The Intro: Sniper Elite III has one card to play, and it’s a damn good card. However, everything around that one thing feels like going through the motions. When you’re crouching, steadying your shot, controlling your breath and sending some lead flying through the air from hundreds