The Intro: State of Decay sets it up well – your friend isn’t long for this world. You decide it has to be done, so you drive him up to the nearest home you can find. The neighborhood has been ravaged by the zombie plague.
The Intro: The McGuffin. At once a potentially infuriating and amazing plot device. Usually, the purpose of the McGuffin is to drive a larger story. Cinema has given us some great McGuffins like the Pulp Fiction briefcase and the Maltese Falcon.
The Intro: In 2011, Mortal Kombat finally grew up. Yes, a game that featured more mutilations and blood spatter than ever before, grew up. Our beloved gory fighter took a step up and finally became a game that was worthy of professional competitions.
Skateboarding is a Blast: Last year, an unassuming 2D skating game made its way onto PlayStations worldwide. It was called OlliOlli. Almost instantaneously, the game became a smash-hit.
Let’s talk about puzzles: What is it about puzzles that make them so interesting to us? Maybe it’s the process of uncovering an answer which we know is hiding right beneath the surface. There’s an answer, it’s just waiting for us do to do the right things before it can reveal itself.
The Intro: Video games might truly be the future of narrative storytelling. Until virtual reality becomes sufficiently advanced to the point where we can live inside the universe of our favorite films, games are our best bet.
My Rant: Oh, the sweet, sweet fps (frames per second). Most people will probably give you looks of scorn when you talk about how 30 frames per second just aren’t enough. Some of them might call you a snob or an elitist.
The Intro: Two characters stand on a barren wasteland. An intense staredown. Gradually, the screen and the ground begins to shake. Debris starts to float up into the air as the two characters charge up their attacks. They growl and grunt and shout.
The Intro: The executives at Sony have probably been breathing easier the past couple of weeks, because with Bloodborne, they finally have their first true system-seller for the PS4. This is the must-have game that The Order: 1886 failed so spectacularly to be.
Say what you will about a brilliant narrative and fantastic visuals. When it comes to pure fun, the co-operative shooter genre stands above most. Think about the best gaming stories you have with your friends.