Intro: If you played Smash Bros. on the Wii U, your first thoughts after you look at this edition might be – “Well, this looks like a replica of the 3DS game.” After all, it has the exact same roster and the same plot.
The Intro: Minecraft is a testament to the capability of a sandbox environment. If you haven’t heard of Minecraft yet, you might look at the blocky graphics and dismiss it without a thought, but by doing so, you would be ridding yourself of a chance to explore the unimaginable depth that lies buried beneath the surface.
Note: The Story section of this review contains story spoilers. Intro: Originally published for the SNES in the States in 1991 as Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy IV Advance (for the Gameboy Advance) is the oldest Final Fantasy game I’ve played.
The Intro: Velocity 2X is one of the most kinetic games ever made. Every single element of the game blends into every other element to create a seamless blend designed to give you the feeling of speed.
The Intro: Rhythm games are a bit of a curious breed. While they’re great fun to play, they’re very tricky to design. The Rock Band series of games upped the ante by adding more songs and features to each sequel.
The Intro: The world of the Dark Souls games has always been one of the greatest strengths of the franchise. Through the story, visual design and other gameplay elements, the games are able to convey a strong sense of history.
The Intro: The Walking Dead graphic novels have been one thing above all – consistently unpredictable. Whenever you thought a character was safe, it turned out they really weren’t. Whenever you thought the survivors had a situation under control, a new threat or some more zombies showed up to prove you wrong.
The Intro: If you’ve never fantasized about slipping into a turtleneck, Archer-style, and infiltrating a base full of armed baddies on the down low, I don’t want to know you. If you do, however, find the aforementioned scenario enjoyable, you might want to check out CounterSpy.
The Intro: In Diablo III, you battled your way to the high heavens through hellfire and brimstone. You tangled with angels, demons, sorcerers and legions of unholy demons, critters and monsters. Under the unforgiving skies of the heavens, you fought Diablo for the very fate of the world itself. With tremendous difficulty (and the right items and skill build) you managed to defeat the greatest threat this world has ever faced. Where would you go from here? Glad you asked.