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All Games Should Include: Case | Manual | Game Disc | Art-Work
Games Received Either With: Copied Art-work | Generic Art-work | or No Art-Work | Will Be Rejected
Games Received in Loose Condition "meaning game disc only" | Will Be Rejected
Games Received with: Art-Work & Game Disc, but No Manual will lose 30% of Quoted Value

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GameCube4X4 Evo 2
GameCube007: Agent Under Fire
GameCube007: Night Fire
GameCube007: Everything or Nothing
GameCube1080 Avalanche
GameCubeAggressive Inline
GameCubeAlien Hominid
GameCubeAmazing Island
GameCubeAmerican Chopper Full Throttle
GameCubeAnimal Crossing
GameCubeAnimaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt
GameCubeAnt Bully
GameCubeAquaman: Battle for Atlantis
GameCubeArmy Men: Air Combat-The Elite Mission
GameCubeArmy Men: RTS
GameCubeArmy Men: Sarge's War
GameCubeATV Quad Power Racing 2
GameCubeAuto Modellista
GameCubeAvatar the Last Airbender

Nintendo GameCube From The Old School Game Vault

The Nintendo GameCube was Nintendo’s (4th) video game system, and the first Nintendo system released with CD based media. Even though the Nintendo 64 in all accounts was a huge success, many critics thought the media limitations with the N64 were a downfall. So Nintendo expanding on it’s ever popular Nintendo 64 library with the gamecube. Now with CD’s Nintendo was able to challenge Sony in the “RPG” role playing games market. Boy did Nintendo make a huge splash with the likes of new Zelda games, a new Tales game, and a fabulous Fire Emblem Title.

As I’ve written on a blog post, the Nintendo gamecube still has some very healthy trade in prices. Weather it’s due to the vast popularity of the console, or the library accounting for some really great games. I’m sure it helps that the Nintendo Wii was backwards compatible and gave gamers the ability to still replay their gamecube library. Not to metion Nintendo expanded on it’s already popular Mario series of games, that is perfect for any gamer.

Expanding on what was written above, here at The Old School Game Vault we firmly believe the gamecube library still stands the test of time. This is another reason we offer very competitive prices when you sell gamecube games online thru our website. So weather you found us, to read or blog, grow your vast knowledge about the Nintendo GameCube or just sell some video games we offer all these perks just for you.


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