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Retro Video Game Store: Shop For the Classics!

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Retro Video Games: Look no Further For the Best Quality Around!

--- Every video game, accessory or gaming console we sell has been tested & 100% Authentic!
--- We sell quality at our Retro Game Store! Don't over pay at other online stores
--- We offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!  
--- Free Shipping on Orders Over $25
--- Any Questions or concerns about our Retro Video Game Store, just read through our 100's of stellar Reviews!

Shop for Vintage Video Games

About Our Retro Game Store:

If you're looking to buy used games online, we now sell them right here through our retro game store. We sell retro video games & vintage gaming consoles dating back to the early '80s till now.

Retro video game are great, there is no better way to re-create that nostalgia from years past. Whether you grew up playing the Original Legend of Zelda from the Nintendo NES or Link's awakening from the Super Nintendo. There is truly no better way to re-live the nostalgia from your childhood, like playing retro video games.  

Satisfaction Guarantee:

For some, maybe you're just getting into playing these old games from decades past. Honestly, you've found a great place to shop for your retro video game fix. We don't believe in counterfeit or selling anything but authentic games and consoles. Everything we sell on The Old School Game Vault has been tested. We spend lots of time ensuring everything we sell is in working order from Video Games, Consoles, Accessories even down to every memory card we sell has been tested.

What Retro Video Games we have in Stock?

We carry all the classic video game brands, from Atari, Nintendo, Turbografx-16, PlayStation, Xbox and much more, viewable on our Retro Game Store.  We have many vintage gaming consoles for sale, and we have many refurbished consoles up for sale that work & play like new.  Almost every retro video game we sell is used, we may have some new stuff, but the majority is super clean quality stuff.   We do strive to carry some hard to find gems, and several WATA grade video games.

Do we Buy Video Games? 

Yes we do, we have over 15,000 games and console that you can trade-in.  Just click the "sell video games" link on the top of any page to sell your video games through our platform.


We ship our orders Monday Through Friday, and if your order total is above $25 then the shipping is on us. We do collect tax for residents of the state of Illinois so (FYI). Furthermore, we use quality bubble mailers and packing boxes to ensure our product arrives safely to you.


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