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Super Ultra Dead Rising DLC

The Intro:

Super Dead Rising 3 was a curious game. On the one hand, it embraced the new wave of grittier, darker zombie games, while still trying to instill it with the wacky humor that is a trademark of the series.


It made the tone of the game feel a little uneven, and even though there were some great moments, it didn’t quite feel like a Dead Rising game. With Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha, the game returns to its roots in an unsubtle, unabashed and extremely fun manner.

While previous DLCs have expanded on the gameplay of the original Dead Rising, this one does things completely differently. It’s no longer an open world, mix-up-your-weapons, super ultra dead rising 3 arcade remix hyper edition ex reviewstory-based game. It’s a pedal to the metal arcade game, top to bottom. Your missions are now essentially a series of challenges like ‘Kill X number of Zombies’, ‘Escape with your life’ and other variations of them. In places, it will remind of you Left 4 Dead, in that you can enjoy the content alone, but you will have the most fun if you are playing with a group of friends.

The Game Play:

The reason the game shines in co-op mode isn’t because the game’s design is inherently better or more suited to co-op play. Simply put, doing monotonous things gets easier when you have humans whom you can task to do the things you’d normally have to do yourself. For example, in one of the challenges you have to rescue a bunch of survivors that are rendered in old-school, 8-bit glory. If you’re playing on your own, finding each and every survivor on the map can be a tiresome task. But if you have a few friends along from the ride, you can explore different directions and get the job done quicker.

The game doesn’t stall you into any one challenge or section. The missions are meant to be quickly done with, and running through the map killing zombies while you attempt to perform different challenges makes the game a lot of fun. Immediately after you’re done with a certain challenge, the game presents you with the next one, and often these challenges are timed. So you don’t have much time to stand around and do nothing. You need to pick up your guns and head to the next mission. The game features 4 different districts that you will be hunting and killing your way across. And in a nice surprise, all of these missions have been Capcom-ed. That is, they’ve all been infused with a brighter, neon color scheme that is a nice change from the usually drab, grey palettes that most zombie games have.

Capcom has littered the game with little, and sometimes not so little winks and nods to fans of their other games. You’ll see references from Final Fight, Mega Man and various other games all over the map. Thankfully, none of these references seem like shameless nostalgia-porn. They are all celebrations of the years of fun that these games have provided gamers worldwide. You’ll even find references from a few obscure games like Power Stone and Rival Schools. This appreciation extends to the character selection as well. You can choose from a total of 20 characters, about half of which are modified versions of Chuck, Frank, Annie and Nick. The other half is a stable of characters from different Capcom games, and all of them have their unique attributes and special attacks. If Capcom had half-heartedly released reskinned versions of their fan-favorite characters, this could have looked like a blatant cash grab. However, this is not the case. A lot of attention has been paid to each individual character to make them unique and more importantly, fun to play as.

What I didn't Like:

This is not to say that the game doesn’t have its flaws though. The game isn’t too much fun to play in single-player mode. You’ll need to find other people to play with to enjoy the game fully. When you’re playing the co-op mode, you’ll finish the game pretty quickly since having humans on your side makes the missions drastically easier. The only time you’re likely to come back to the game is if you want to unlock all 20 of the characters in the game, and hunt for a few goodies that are hidden in certain areas of the maps. There aren’t many players online for the DLC though, so you might have some trouble finding allies.

The Conclusion:

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha is a treat if you are a fan of Capcom games. If you aren’t, you won’t be missing much if you skip this DLC. There’s a bonus level where you get to fight a zombie M. Bison. If that sentence doesn’t excite you, give this DLC a pass. But if it does, you’ve got some good zombie-killing fun in store for you.

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