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How to use our Database to Sell Your Video Games


The main focal point of this video [Shown Below] is to introduce you to using keywords. Using identifiable keywords to sell your games will certain speed up the selling process. The best practice is to search for the games and type the title of the game out as listed on the game or case. For example, for you’d type in Grand Theft Auto IV instead of using the number 4. You would also want to avoid using short titles such as COD for call of duty. The database isn’t set up to use short titles.

If you have a bunch of similar games your selling from one specific console. The idea is to use a keyword to pull as many of the similar games to the search page. If you have the entire call of duty collection on the PlayStation 2. You would want to enter a search query such as PS2 Call Duty, and this would pull all the PS2 Call of Duty games to your search page. Similar titles can be sold this way, for example typing PS2 Tony, would pull all the Tony Hawk’s games to the search page. If you have a bunch of different Mario games to sell, just typing Mario into the search box will pull all the Mario titles into your search page.

The console specific keywords you’d use are as follows, PS1 for PlayStation, PS2 for PlayStation 2, PS3 for PlayStation 3, PS4 for PlayStation 4, Vita for PS Vita, and PSP for PlayStation Portable. For Nintendo, you’d use SNES for Super Nintendo, NES for Nintendo Entertainment System, N64 for Nintendo 64, GameCube for Nintendo GameCube, GBA for GameBoy Advance, DS for Nintendo DS, 3ds for Nintendo 3ds and so on.

If you can’t find a game please let us know, we’re always happy to help. The only games you probably won’t find in our Database is sports games. Unfortunately, sports games are a dime a dozen, so we don’t buy 90% of the sports games from pre-2018 or the current year.

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