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I was worried about buying from a new source, but I was definitely satisfied with the result. Games arrived in a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable price. No arguments or complaints, and hope to do business again sometime. 10/10.
I was happy with this 10 star
Process was made extremely simple and amounts received in exchange for vintage games were more than fair considering the convenience. Communication was thorough and consistent. Highly recommend.
I've done two transactions with this site, both handled beautifully. Brandon communicates clearly at each stage and is forgiving if you blunder the rules a bit. Pro tip: if you have "incomplete" games (no manual, or even just the box and manual) or cables that aren't listed on the site, ask about them, because sometimes he's interested.
I purchased a vintage 1985 NES Duck Hunt game. I was somewhat worried as I had never heard of The Old School Game Vault and Brandon prior to purchasing. I found the game through Google search. From day 1, Brandon was great with communications. I was very impressed with how he shipped the game. The game came double boxed for maximum protection, and the game arrived exactly as advertised. I have full confidence in purchasing from Brandon again. Thank you Brandon!!
I've been looking for a great way to sell my game collection without the hassle of posting them myself for a long time! This site is super easy to use, and Brandon keeps in touch with you throughout the process. I will definitely be selling more games here in the future.
Brandon is fast with response time, processing your order, updating you on what he's doing. His directions for what he takes for purchase is extremely clear you just have to read ALL of his instructions. My husband was skeptical about the whole transaction. He said youll never get your money. Once Brandon received my shipment I received money in my Zelle account within 1 week. If he doesn't accept an item or if something is missing from a game he spells it out clearly in an itemized receipt. The only thing I didn't understand in his directions was about not sending counterfeit games. I wish I could do more business with Brandon. To bad he doesn't buy other things! His prices are the best that I found. and I did research.
C. M.
Process was easy. Follow directions as listed. Turn around time is fast. Shop was prompt and courteous. They followed up to advise Zelle info provided was incomplet
Great experience and communication, would recommend to anyone looking to sell old games for a good price!
Billy Leavings
Great company fast a easy to work with!!
Cornelius Stanley
I have to say at first i was a bit skeptical about the whole thing. But after I sent everything in and received the payment i was very happy. The entire process was painless and the pricing was very fair. Great job. Keep it up.
What a great process this was. Fair pricing, open to questions, honest, and super quick with responses. It was really reassuring getting emails through the whole process.
I'm so glad I found The Old School Game Vault. It's the perfect alternative to trying to track down buyers for all your old consoles & games or sending them to the landfill.
Brandon was awesome. He's friendly & quick with his communication & he issued prompt payment.
Great experience, highly recommended,
I was ready to throw out all my old gaming items, and stumbled upon The Old School Game Vault. Brandon was very easy to work with and the transaction was taken care of within a week. I highly recommend their services.
Great site to sell older games. Better than other places, abd more value too
Very easy to look up and process selections. Brandon had quick and easy feedback on what to expect.
Will use again.
Sold all my dad's old psp games at a great price. OSVGV is more than a fair deal!
Henry Chapman
Brandon was awesome. I was initially a little skeptical because I hadn’t heard of Old School Game Vault before. However, Brandon worked fast and I received my total quoted amount quickly. I would definitely buy/sell from here in the future.
Brandon was very communicative and fast. I received payment for the full quoted amount very quickly, even though I selected payment by check. I would highly recommend selling here!
I personally highly recommend selling your games and console with Brandon! I did some online research on where to sell - We lived in AZ and moved out to IL bringing our 2 totes of items out to sell and the whole process was so easy and he was very professional!
While this testimonial was solicited, I'm freely giving it: I was able to send my games in and received exactly what the site had promised for the items. Would definitely recommend it, the prices are extremely fair and it's really easy.
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