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Resident Evil Revelations 2 - The Review

The Intro:

Resident Evil has become a survival horror benchmark. With a franchise as popular as it is, there are bound to be some inconsistent entries in there. As a fan of the genre or the franchise, you would be totally justified in having your reservations about Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

And let’s be clear, Revelations 2 is by no means a perfect game. This is the first episode of the new series of Resident Evil games, and as such is plagued by the same issues which a lot of pilot episodes face. There’s a lot of table setting to be done here, and the game suffers due to it at times, especially during the early parts.

There are way too many fetch quests here. Developers simply do not learn – nobody likes to walk from one end of the map to the other Resident Evil Revelations 2 Reviewmultiple times gathering miscellaneous items. No Capcom, we know it’s not a puzzle. It’s another fetch quest. Some of the dialogue writing that goes into explaining these quests is poorly written too. However, all’s not lost here. There are plenty of genuinely tense moments that the game manages to delight you with. And true to the title, the revelations which come up during your time in the game are surprising and unexpected. By the end, you’ll have your appetite stoked for the sequel. Revelations 2 also manages to pull off one of the things which has plagued many a Resident Evil game – competent action sequences.

The Set Up:

You start the game as Claire Redfield, a character who will be familiar to franchise fans. Claire and Moira Burton, one of her colleagues, have been kidnapped and sent to a prison on an unknown island. Your captor is a woman, as you quickly learn, because she likes to taunt you with frequent announcements over the intercom system. She’s also deliberately mysterious, which is a trait most characters in Revelations 2 share. But all hope is not lost.

Enter Barry Burton – Moira’s father and one of the characters who was in the very first Resident Evil game. And he’s not trying to rescue you alone. He has another mysterious young woman called Natalia to aid in his journey. As Barry, you will come up against the more traditional kind of enemies which move slowly. This is in stark contrast to Claire, who has to face some really speedy and agile enemies. These two gameplay styles offer a nice change of pace and give you a different perspective on the situation our protagonists find themselves in.

The Gameplay:

Is far more interesting when you’re playing as Barry – there are a lot more tension-filled moments, and Natalia has much better chemistry with Barry than Claire does with her partner. You’ll have to switch back and forth between both characters to get through Revelations 2. There are some puzzles which utilize specific skills or attributes. For example, Natalia is slender and therefore can get to places Barry cant. In Claire’s case, you will need to use Moira to find a secret item or ambush an enemy. Moira’s dialogue is very poorly written. It’s like the writers couldn’t give her a real personality, so they just decided to make her a stereotypical foul-mouthed brat.

Natalia, on the other hand, feels like a much more fleshed-out character who complements Barry with her stealth abilities. Since Barry and Natalia get to spend a lot of time snooping around outdoors in near darkness, their sections are much more interesting and tense than Claire’s, who spends a lot of time inside the prison. When you’re neck deep in a stretch of woods filled with horrible monstrosities and the only sources of light are indistinguishable blips in the distance, you’ll know this is a Resident Evil game. What makes these sections even more interesting is that you often have to play through them as Natalia, because she’s more adept at scouting out enemies. Given that the only frontal offensive maneuver she has is hitting things with a brick only adds to the tension in these moments.

You can play the game in co-op mode if you can find a friend who’s willing to be your sidekick. Co-op is an efficient way to finish the game because humans can react more organically to situations that might arise. This is, of course, possible only if you find a capable teammate. More often than not, having a friend banter with you while you’re in a tense situation takes away some of the thrill of the situation. If you’re looking to get a few chills, fly solo. Once you’re done with the main story, the game offers you a raid mode which is basically a survival mode where you take on increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

The Conclusion:

if you look past some lackluster dialogue and poorly-designed puzzles, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a solid episode which will leave you looking forward to the next one. There are plenty of exciting moments and stealthy action to appeal to fans of the genre.

Game Trailer:

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Review
Review - Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a fun game that rewards you when you play co-op. Sure you don’t need a friend along for the ride, but the ride is certainly better with one.
Written by: Brandon Perton
Resident Evil Revelations 2
6.8 / 10 stars
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