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Retro Nintendo NES Game Review: Gun Nac

NES Shump Gun Nac



“Gun Nac”, which seems like a hybrid of Blazing Lazers for the turbografx 16. If you’re Gun Nac NES REview into old school top scrolling shooter’s this game is for you. Gun Nac is packed full of enemy sizzling weapons; to blast away anything that steps in your way.

The Story:

The idea of gun nac is much like that of gradius or other shooters of the same genre. You go level by level and destroy anything that approaches you. There are a total of 7 levels to defeat, and a boss to defeat at the end of each level. The fun thing about the game is it has animals trying to kill you. You have crazed rabbits throwing huge carrots at you, not to mention a rabbit is an end boss. So you have that strange element of crazed animals, but the game really isn’t about that.

The Gameplay:

Your task is to start off each level and blast your way thru the maze of enemies approaching you. Along the way you will receive bags of money, different bombs that you can pick up. During your mission(s) you have five different weapon numbers to pick up and choose from. The first number being just a multi bullet blaster, up to triple loaded lazers that can destroy everything in your way. There are lots of upgrades you can pick up along the way to max out your weapons. The problem is if you die mid level it’s going to be hard to pick up all the weapons you had before you died. (It always sucks dying just before the end boss) You can pick up four variations of bombs along the way, each bomb reacts differently when selected. The money bags come in handy after you complete a level, you can buy weapons, bombs, and turbo upgrades for your ship. I only really just bought myself bombs; I generally kept the same weapon equipped most of the time.

The speed of the Gun Nac starts out rather slow, but the further into the game you get the faster and faster the game plays. So you’re zipping around trying to kill and avoid the mass amounts of bullets. It my opinion this is what makes the game fun and hard. This game starts out pretty easy with tons of weapons and upgrades, but once you get to level 3 the speed and gameplay tactics become vital to your success.


I’m a huge fan of old school shooters, so Gun Nac was truly up my alley. I really relished playing Gun Nac, and would definitely recommend anybody. There are a lot of cheats you can use for the game. I didn’t find many game genie codes, but you can do a bunch of different button pressing to obtain codes once the game starts. I do know if you press down both “A” and “B” at the same time during the opening scene you can enable the option of invincibility. For me to truly beat the game this was the option I choose, sure you can beat it without cheating, but then the grueling grind, and skill full NES tactics come into play.

Gun Nac Nes Review Game Score: 7.5 Out of 10

Release Date: 1991
Genre: Shoot’em Up
Console: Nintendo NES
Players: 1
Developer: Compile
Section: NES Review

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