Conker’s Bad Fur Day Review for the Nintendo 64


The Intro:

Conker is a cute, cuddly squirrel. As such, you would probably expect a game that features said cute squirrel to be a whimsical kid-friendly tale that features all kinds of adorable talking animals and aww-inducing moments.

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Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine Review, Nintendo 64


When the first Tomb Raider game came out, a lot of gamers were of the opinion that the developer's Core Design essentially created a game out of the Indiana Jones movie franchise and put Lara Croft in place of everyone’s favorite whip-cracking adventurer. This game also joins the list of rare Blockbuster Exclusive video games, which we wrote an awesome article about.

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Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Review - Nintendo 64 Game


Breath of The Wild is still fresh in gamers’ minds, and for good reason. Nintendo once again managed to revitalize one of their iconic characters and place them into an adventure that’s worthy of the hall of fame.

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Star Wars: Episode I Battle For Naboo N64 Review


Listen, we all know it, and it’s been discussed a million times already – the Star Wars prequels aren’t exactly cinematic gold. You hear me Jar Jar? Nobody likes you Jar Jar! Luckily, the same fate didn’t befall all the video-game tie-ins for the Star Wars prequels.

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