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Fix a PS3 with YLOD Tutorial - Yellow Light of Death

Repair Yellow Light of Death

How to Repair a PlaySation 3 Console with The Yellow Light of Death

 In this yellow light of death tutorial we will demonstrate how to fix your PS3 console. We have fixed hundreds of Playstation 3 consoles affected by this growing problem. The main cause is an over-heating issued inside the console causing the solder around the gpu & cpu to crack and become separated from the mother board.

This video will demonstrate how to properly re-flow the motherboard and fix this issue. A few things to note: this is not a permanent fix, I have no way of informing you how long the repair will last. This fix is more of a way to prolong the life of your console, but ultimately you’ll need to upgrade to a slim ps3 console at some point.


A Few Tools you will need to complete the Repair:

Heat Gun which gets up to 1000 degrees | Thermal Past "Artic Silver 5" | are the main items you will need.

Check out the other how to video, explaining how to tear down a ps3 console.
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Thursday, 20 February 2020

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