How to Repair a Phat PS3 Console with The Yellow Light of Death

Repair Yellow Light of Death

In this yellow light of death tutorial

We will properly demonstrate how to fix your PS3 console that has the YLOD. We have fixed hundreds of PlayStation 3 consoles affected by this growing problem.

The main cause is an over-heating issued inside the console, causing the solder around the GPU & CPU to crack and become separated from the mother board.

This issue occurs on the Larger first generation Phat PS3 Consoles.

The video shown below will demonstrate how to properly re-flow the motherboard and fix this issue.

A few things to note: this is not a permanent fix, I have no way of informing you how long the repair will last. This fix is more of a way to prolong the life of your console, but ultimately you’ll need to upgrade to a slim PS3 console at some point.


A Few Tools you will need to complete the Repair:

  1. Heat Gun which gets up to 1000 degrees
  2. No Clean Flux - not necessary, but helps the solder reconnect on the chips.
  3. Thermal Past "Artic Silver 5"

You'll also need to open up your PS3 console & strip it down to the mother board.  Really, this isn't very hard, just follow the instructions on our other post on how to open and tear down your console

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Monday, 29 May 2023