Video game trade in & How to Achieve Maximum Profit

How to Sell Used Video Games

Video game trade in gives you more money to buy the games you want to tackle next, while reducing the overall amount you spend to pursue your love of gaming.

You can lower the cost of your gaming habit even more by taking some proactive steps to Video Game Trade In Valuesmaximize the trade-in value of the games you buy and sell.

Retain the Original Packaging

The better your used video games look, the more they will bring on the secondary market. Whenever you buy a new video game, you should retain the original packaging, including the media holder and any inserts. Making the video game look like new will help it stand out from the row of similar titles at the video game store. If you choose to sell your video games online, having the original packaging available can give your video game trade in an edge over sellers of similar items who may not have been so careful.

Time Your Video Game Trade In

When you make your video game trade in, the condition make a big difference in resale value. If you still have a copy of the original Call of Duty video game, timing your trade-in to the release of the latest version of the video game franchise can increase interest and put more money in your pocket.

Whether you sell your old video games online or go to the local video game trade in outlet, the high level of interest in a similar title can work to your advantage. Buyers of the new video game may want to go back in time and play the original, and online searchers may find your listing more easily since the Call of Duty title is already on their minds.

Choose the Right Trading Platform

You could start selling video games on general purpose sites like eBay and Craigslist, and many gamers do just that. Even so, a general purpose website may not provide the maximum trade-in or resale value. If you want to get the most for your used video games and find new ones at a great price, you need to go where the gamers are. Sites like The Old School Game Vault are specifically tailored to video game enthusiasts, and such sites are great places to buy, sell and trade in used video games. If you decide to sell your games, you can find thousands of enthusiastic gamers, many of whom are looking for the exact game you have to sell.

Be Aware of New Console Release Dates

The introduction of new gaming consoles and their subsequent adoption by avid gamers can have a negative impact on the game trade in values of your old games. If you still have games for the PS5 or Xbox One systems, you might want to sell them right away, instead of waiting for them to increase in value. As new and more sophisticated gaming systems continue to gain market share, the value of older video games will drop. Trading in your used games as soon as possible can maximize the resale value and give you more money for the latest and greatest games on your wish list.

Join in the Holiday Hype

Video games are always hot sellers when Black Friday rolls around, but the window for selling used video games may be a bit earlier. You want to catch avid gamers while they still have money to spend, and that can mean posting your favorite titles before Black Friday.

You can do a bit of experimenting to see when your video games sell best. After you have sold or traded in a few old video games, you will begin to get a feel for which titles sell best when. You might find that first-person shooter games sell great in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, while role-playing games sell best in the summer months. Talking to other gamers can also give you a feel for when demand might spike for the titles you have to trade in.

No matter what kinds of video games you like to play, they will have a resale value somewhere. Finding the best video game trade in and resale venues and monitoring the market closely can help you recoup the greatest percentage of the original purchase price while giving you the cash you need to find your new favorite games.

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