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How to Spot Counterfeit / Fake Super Nintendo Games - SNES


Recently we obtained a box of some really Rare Super Nintendo titles.  At first glance it was pretty obvious to tell these games where not authentic.  Below are points about how to spot these fake/ counterfeit "reproduction" SNES Games.


Their is also a video on the bottom of the page to go along with the article.  The game titles in reference are: Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda etc.  For large images you can refer to the pinterest page.

Wow! These games hardly had a scratch or blemish to the cartridge shells or labels. 

           --- I was just amazed at how clean the games look. 

                --- The front & back labels look pretty new for 25 year old game.

                --- The cartridge shell looked practically brand new as well.

           --- The Screws used to keep the cartridges close, where not perfectly circular. 

                --- They where jagged and appeared to be just cut from a manufactored sheet of screws.

Serial Number Stamp

           --- If you look inside right above and below where the game pin connector is located.  You will see some numbers & Letters, as the

                Top Shell has E-27 stamped on it and the bottom shell has B-43 stamped on it.

                         --- None of the counterfeit games had any serial number markings of any kind.

           --- This tip is also an easy identifier for NES, N64, and GBA Games

Game labels / End Label

           --- The writing is not clear – “Chrono Trigger was hard to Read” from the video.  As you can see by Earthbound Photo below the fake Earthbound game has the font all wrong.

           --- Really if you take the time to actually look at a game label you'll pick up on the flaws.

           --- Most of the font's on the fake titles where wrong, the print wasn't clear and at times the end label was just hard to read. 

Counterfeit Earthbound 1

The Top Label / Front Label

           --- The same thing applies to the front labels as did the end labels. 

                --- You'll notice front labels are out of focus, the print is not clear.

                --- The game rating box was smaller on the counterfeit games.

           --- The Players Choice Logo on the legend of Zelda game in the video was Super Small.  

                --- The End Label for for the same Zelda game was not Correct the actual game doesn’t have “The” typed on the end label.

           --- Really if you just look at the details of the label, you can spot the imperfections pretty easily.

Fake Vs Real SNES Game

Inside the Game Cartridge

--- The easiest and most sure fire way to spot the fakes are the internal board.  

--- Just look at the difference in the above photo - the game board was a real & a Fake Chrono Trigger.

Counterfeit Super NIntendo Game Board


--- The actual cartridge board will say a year and Nintendo imprinted on the board. – like Chrono Trigger says 1993 Nintendo on the board (Shown Below).

--- The Card board size - You can also see the game boards differ in size.

Authentic Super Nintendo Game Board


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