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Tips to Spot Reproduction / Counterfeit N64 Games


The first thing I do when I encounter any expensive game is looking for serial numbers. For Nintendo 64 games look in the cartridge slot. On authentic games, if you look in the groves of the N64 game you see some numbering in the slots. 

You’ll also notice the back label will have a number imprinted into the label (00) for example. This is the easiest and fastest way for checking out cartridges from Nintendo NES & Super Nintendo Games. The games always will have a serial number imprinted in the cartridge slot.

Here is our video on How to spot counterfeit Nintendo 64 games - Click Here

First impressions are key, reproductions look cheap

• A reproduction is much lighter than a real game, the labels always seem to look off or have noticeable imperfections.
• The cartridge shell is much lighter than a real game, generally, the plastic on a repro looks a slightly different shade of grey.
• I always seem to notice the screws used, as they just look like there were cut from a machine.
• Look at how Nintendo is spelt on the back of the cartridge, a legit copy will have the “i” dotted with a square. On fake games, the “i” is dotted with a circle.
• Look at the spelling of “Seal of Quality” on the front Nintendo Seal. Most counterfeit games capitalize the “O”.
• The Best Way is opening up the game and having a look!

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