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The Old School Game Vault(it's expressly understood by using our service, that we reserve the right to reject any item that does not meet our quality guidelines)

Updated: 06-12-2022

Once we receive your video games, they are subject to approval. All video games will be tested for functionality and overall condition. Broken and or non-working items will be rejected upon receipt, and their value deducted from the total paid to you. Items may also be rejected for being in poor condition.

Games, Consoles, and Accessories received with excess soiling, excessive dirt or just plain filthy. Will be subject to a (30%) decrease from the quoted price. The cleaning charge!

All prices quoted are for fully functional items. All accessories sold with the particular unit if sold that way must be in working condition. Video games and consoles not adhering to this policy can and will be subject to deductions. The Shipping Policy (Here) is considered part of the Terms & Conditions of Selling to The Old School Game Vault.

Cartridge Based Games:

  • The Game Labels’ should be free from debris (but not limited to); stickers, stains, marker, scuffs, scratches and or tears.
  • The Cartridges should not be cracked in any way, or they will be rejected.
  • Games with a missing label will be rejected.  
  • Cartridge games with flaws can and will be subject to a 30% decrease from the quoted price. 
  • For sale, stickers are allowed, just as long as they do not obstruct the game label in any way. 
  • All prices quotes are for cartridge based games are for the cartridge only. Excluded in this are: (Nintendo DS Games, Nintendo 3ds Games, PS Vita Games, Turbograpx-16 games, NeoGeo Games

CD Games

  • Games should not have excess scratches, as they will be rejected upon receipt.
  • CD games with cosmetic flaws (Manual, Art-work, etc) can and will be subject to (30% deduction) from the quoted price.
  • All games being sold to us should be in working condition; they should load and play without delay.
  • ALL CD GAMES MUST INCLUDE: The original artwork, case, and instructions, or be subject to (30% deduction). Loose games will be rejected. 
  • Games with copied art-works or manuals will be rejected.
  • Games that have been re-surfaced will be rejected.
  • Game Instructions should be complete and not have cosmetic flaws such as (but not limited to) stickers, markings, stains, tears, and creases.

Counterfeit Games

  • We have a zero tolerance for bootleg or fake video games.
  • Don’t knowingly send them!
  • Trust me, we are very good at spotting counterfeit games.


  • All consoles should be fully functional when sold to the old school game vault. (Consoles received broken will be subject to -$7.50 deduction per console)
  • Handheld Consoles, if they include a battery, the battery should charge and work.  If the battery is dead, we would subtract the cost to replace the dead battery.
  • Console bundles received with a missing part, we'll subtract the cost we buy that item for.
    • For Example, GameCube Bundle is $40, but doesn't include a Controller, then we will deduct (-$6.00) from your total for a missing controller. 
    • Basically what we are saying, if something being sold as a bundle is not received we shall deduct, the cost to replace the item.

Missing Instruction Manual Deductions

  • Missing Instructions will have a 30% deduction from the original quoted price.
  • Missing Art Work & or End Labels will have a 30% deduction from the quoted price.
  • Please refer to the specific game page for other information about deductions.

 Other Relative Information about the selling video games to us.

  • We only buy NTSC games, unless otherwise listed on the website.
  • We only buy video games from customers located within the continental United States.
  • Furthermore, we only buy a maximum of (2) two identical games from the same person, per 6-month time frame.

How Long is the Order Quote Good For?

Simple; (14) fourteen business days, from the submission date of your order. We update prices every month, for the newest genre of video games and consoles. If your package arrives after the (14) day period, your order will be updated with the current prices on the website.

Cracked Case or Damaged Game Case Deductions:

  • jewel case (Standard Single Case)        -$.50
  • jewel case (Double Disc Case)              -$1.00
  • other case                                          -$.60 

We reserved the right to reject any item(s) that we feel don’t meet our quality requirements


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