Payment & Shipping Guidelines using our Selling Service

The Old School Game VaultUpdated: 07-13-2023

Customers Responsibility

--- The customer is responsible for any damage to the package during transit.
--- Make sure to package your items safely using some cushion inside your package(s).
--- If the item breaks in transit, you will not be compensated for this item.
--- We do not work for USPS or FedEx, as The Old School Game Vault is not responsible for any lost packages.

If Your order is below $100:

We do not buy orders at this time below $100 in value.

If Your order is above $100

  • You will receive a pre-paid FedEx Shipping label sent to your email.
    • Simply print the label out and attach to your package then drop the package off at a FedEx location - that easy
    • There may be circumstances where we will decline to purchase your order based on shipping cost associated with obtaining your package.

General Guidelines to Follow:

  • Please notify us when you mail your video games – Please include a copy of your order inside your package. 
    • Upon arrival of your games, we will notify you by e-mail.
  • It's very important that you provide some cushion around the item(s) you are selling. (Paper is Not Cushion; Bubble wrap is).
  • Your package will be dropped at least 5 feet or more.
    • If the items are not properly packaged, they could certainly break in transit! (Plastic Consoles & Internal Components) break easily.
    • Seriously, we get dozens of broken consoles each week!

Payment Methods Offered are :

  • Business Check
  • PayPal
  • Zelle (Payment goes in your account instantly, like a direct deposit
  • Amazon eGift Card - (Sent Instantly to your email.)
    • You will get paid within 24 to 96 hours of receiving your items unless the package is delivered on Friday, holiday or on the weekend. Then your package will get processed on the next business day.

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