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The Old School Game Vault(it's expressly understood by using our service, that we reserve the right to reject any item that does not meet our quality guidelines)

Updated: 06-16-2022

It's Important that the items you are selling work!

  • We reserve the right to reject an entire order and return the order to the customer.
  • All item(s) must abide by our Terms & Conditions to be accepted. 

My Video Games did not meet Quality Standards or Didn't work:

  • If multiple items get rejected, the customer will be notified via email. 
      • The customer will be given a brief description of why the item(s) was rejected.  
  • The customer will be given the opportunity to have the items returned to them. 
      • The cost associated with returning the items back to the customer will be deducted from the item total.
  • The customer will have (5) days to respond to the rejected item(s) email, after (5) days the items will be recycled and payment will be issued.
  • The customer will not receive payment for the rejected items, and the weight of the rejected items will be deducted from your total on pre-paid shipping label orders only.
      • (For Example:  If the total weight of the rejected items is 15 pounds.  Then, the cost of a 15-pound package from your zip code to ours via USPS will be deducted from your order.)

Console Rejection

  • If a console doesn't work, a (-$7.50) fee will be imposed per console; to offset the shipping weight of the broken console.



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