Remastered Video Games Worth It? Or a Ploy for Money

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As entertainment consumers, most of us love remastered old releases. Whether it’s music or film, giving the classics an update is more often than not a net positive. And the trend of remastering old video game titles has also grown to be a mostly positive thing, as we discussed in a previous post.

That article ended with a call-to-action that encouraged readers to think of video game updates that have all but ruined the originals. But besides the titles themselves, there are factors to consider when weighing the negatives and positives of video game remasters.

Remasters from the development perspective

Another one of our posts politely elucidated the myriad ways in which publishers are screwing gamers for money. It’s a real problem and these companies should be taken to task for their anti-consumer practices. But where it concerns remastered video games, it might be valuable to look at the trend from the point of view of the publisher.

Development costs for games have skyrocketed, with “Grand Theft Auto V” famously cost $265 million just to develop. By putting out remasters, developers can deliver titles to market with limited time and effort on their part, which fills the company development budget and allows them to complete the new titles we all crave. It’s something to consider, and hopefully the next point further expands on this.

Remasters as a conduit to a new audience

In the mentioned piece, we referenced "Halo" and "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker" as sixth-generation titles receiving an HD overhaul. These remasters offered gamers the ability to seamlessly toggle between old best remastered god of war games and enhanced graphics, addressing certain gameplay issues along the way. Consequently, many enthusiasts found themselves revisiting these classics in a manner they might not have otherwise if limited to the original versions alone.

Remasters often play a pivotal role in reigniting dormant enthusiasm for games. Conversely, they serve as gateways for new audiences and younger generations to explore these vintage titles. However, skepticism arises regarding the genuine motives of game companies, especially considering the widespread absence of backward compatibility in most next-gen consoles (with the exception of Xbox One, which deserves recognition for incorporating this feature). More on this topic follows below.

Too many remasters from one console generation to the next

The recent explosion of remasters, from Xbox One to Xbox X, and PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, is a bit of an overkill. Reasonable people can disagree on the benefits of updating a title between console generations, but do gamers absolutely need game updates every couple years? Was there such a generational and technological gap between back in the 2010s, that every god of war game has been remastered for the PS5?

IGN would say that, yes, there were benefits, such as the 1080p update and steady frame rate. But it’s a harder sell to suggest that the 2010 version of God of War III is so arcane that they just had to remake it. Luckily, gamers can take solace in the fact that most game remasters sell for the fraction of a price of a new title, and some, like the “Halo: Infinite,” which offers four updated titles for the price of a single new game, are great deals any way you cut it.

Ultimately, remastered video games are a good thing

As long as they deliver truly updated graphics (with the ability to toggle between old and new animations), remedy the flaws of the original, and allow players to enjoy their favorite titles on next-gen consoles. However, updates are most decidedly a bad thing when they become a shameless cash grab. Releasing the same title whenever a new console comes out (because of a lack of backwards compatibility) robs players of the perspective they glean from comparing new and old versions of the titles.

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Guest - Brian on Tuesday, 11 June 2019 06:37

Say whatever you want but Crash Team Racing remaster is going to be great!

Say whatever you want but Crash Team Racing remaster is going to be great!
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