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Here's a Quick Tutorial to Fix a Stuck Nintendo 64 Reset Button

Fix N64 Reset Button

 Follow the video below for the step by step Tutuorial.
Tools Needed:
  • Game Bit Opener
  • Cut-tip or Toothbrush
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Paper Towel

Step One:

Remove the six screws on the bottom of the Nintendo 64 console.

Step Two:

Open the console and located the reset button, then squeeze the tabs holding the reset button and push upward so the button pops out.

Step Three:

Clean inside the hole where the reset button is with a cut-tip or a toothbrush dipped in rubbing alcohol. Repeat this step and clean around the reset button itself. Then wipe dry with a standard paper towel.

Step Four:

Place the reset button back in it’s home, and push up and down making sure the button is no longer stuck or jammed. Now place the top of the lid on top of the console, again making sure the reset button functions, as it should.

Step Five:

Just before you re-assemble the console, clean out the cartridge slot with some 220 grit sand-paper. Place the sandpaper inside the cartridge slot and rub gently back and forth.

Step Six:

Re-assemble the console and get back to gaming.

How to Video:

Here is a How to YouTube video we Created for this Article

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