The Best Retro Horror Video Games


At the OSGV, we are huge fans of two things – retro games and horror.

Which is why it should come as absolutely no surprise that some of our favorite games of all time are horror games!
Today, we are going to take a look back at some horror gaming classics.  Don't miss out on our picks for some of the best games to play on Halloweeen.

These are the games that sent shivers up our spine, made us afraid to walk into a dark room and gave some of gaming’s most iconic moments.
Let us begin.


Splatterhouse TurbografxSplatterhouse delivers on its title by allowing you to unleash buckets of blood and spill guts and entrails all over the screen.

You play Rick, a student who finds a Jason Voorhees-esque mask that transforms him into a demon-slaughtering force of nature. There is some truly impressive levels of bloodshed in this game, and we are hard to impress in that regard.

The gameplay is simple – Splatterhouse is essentially a 2D beat-em-up where you travel from room to room slaughtering misshapen demons and horrific ghouls with your planks and cleavers.

The graphics are impressive and really make you feel the slimy, ghastly world that Rick is fighting through. There are interludes where the plot to rescue your friend comes to the fore, and these are satisfyingly creepy.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger is one of horror’s most enduring villains because he has the ability to kill you in your dreams. You can’t sleep or Freddy will get you, but you have to sleep sometime, right?

Nightmare on Elm Street puts your character in charge of searching for Freddy’s bones that have been scattered all over the game world. Once you have found said bones, you are in charge of burning them once and for all.

The game also features a sleep mechanic, indicating how tired you are. If you don’t drink enough coffee, you will fall asleep and the monsters you face will be much tougher to deal with.

Alone in The Dark

Alone in the Dark PS1Resident Evil may have adopted the ‘survival-horror’ moniker for itself, but 1992’s Alone in The Dark was actually the first 3-D survival horror game.

Set in a creepy mansion filled with damned spirits and violent creatures, AITD set the precedent for some mechanics which became staples of the survival horror genre such as inventory management and solving puzzles.

It was a critical and commercial success and the influences of Alone in The Dark can be seen in horror games to this day.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil became synonymous with survival horror on release, and for a good resident evil ps1reason – it is an absolute classic and a trend setter.

This is the game that established the Resident Evil formula of claustrophobic environments, unsettling atmosphere and some truly creative jump scares.

You play as either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield and are tasked with surviving another haunted mansion that has some of the most skin-crawling monsters ever put on screen.

Whether it’s the tense, nail-biting combat or just hearing a demon lurking in the hallway, Resident Evil is good old horror fun from start to finish.

Castlevania: Bloodlines

90s horror gamesEveryone’s favorite Dracula-slaying game took a bold step forward with Castlevania: Bloodlines.

For the first time in the series, you had not one but two protagonists battling their way across a continent filled with murderous ghouls and monstrosities.

You play as John Morris and Eric Lecarde, who inherit the Vampire Killer whip after John’s father tragically dies in a battle. You will be fighting to stop Elizabeth Bartley, an evil countess who is keen on adding resurrecting Dracula to her list of misdeeds after already having caused the first World War.

John is a mobile hero who wields the aforementioned whip, while his friend Eric fights with the Alcarde Spear. To be candid, Eric is much more fun to play as and has a much more destructive play style that we are specifically attracted to.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill may be somewhat of a spiritual successor to Resident Evil, but it focuses more Original Silent Hillon psychological scares and making you question your sanity.

You will play as Harry Mason, a bereaved father who is wandering through the nightmarish town of Silent Hill to find his missing daughter.

About an hour into the story, the game takes on a decidedly nastier and meaner tone. The rotting, grimy world of Silent Hill will worm its way under your skin, leaving you decidedly uncomfortable as you delve deeper into the macabre happenings on screen.

What is real? What is illusion? These are the questions the game will make you ask and encourage you to undertake the nightmare over and over again to find all of the answers to your questions.

The Uninvited

Best Retro Horror Video GamesThe Uninvited is one of the scariest horror games you will play.

You, the protagonist, were driving with your sister when you suddenly came across a ghostly figure on the road. You swerved, crashed the car and when you wake, you find that your sister is gone, and you are in front of a mansion that has all sorts of ghosts and undead things looking to ruin your day.

The graphics are pretty standard for the most part, except for when you die. When you die, the game gives you a real close up look at the thing that killed you, and none of the monsters in this game are a pleasant sight to behold. The Zombies, Dracan and Skull Woman will make your life very difficult in this game.

There’s a lot of difficult puzzle solving in this game, so be warned. If you’re up for a challenge and appreciate occasionally being scared out of your wits, give this a try.

That concludes our roundup of the best retro horror games. Which horror games made you hide under the bed or throw away the controller back in the day? Let us know in the comments!

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