The Best SNES Games to use the Game Genie On

Cheat Codes SNES GameGenieIt’s okay. Go ahead and get excited. Get very, very excited!

After all, why wouldn’t you? The Super Nintendo titles listed below are already some of your favorite games ever. And now, we’re about to show you some adventurous new ways to enjoy them.

That’s right. It’s time to share with you some of the Best SNES Games That Use the Game Genie.

We’re talking about all new experiences—new levels, new playable characters, new Mortal Kombat II fatalities! And yet, all this wonderous novelty is still snugly bundled in a warm blanket of familiar, 16-bit nostalgia.

But enough of this introduction. Let’s check out these awesome SNES Game Genie codes. “Round 1: Fight!” (As usual, we warn you that The Old School Game Vault has not tested these codes.)

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy 3 SNES Game Genie CodesFor several reasons, Final Fantasy III went down in history as one of the most iconic RPGs of its time. It was the first Final Fantasy to break free from the medieval setting, instead choosing a post-apocolyptic, futuristic setting with steampunk mech suits.

It seamlessly mixes fantasy with sci-fi, and archaic technology with futuristic machines, plus magic. Of all the stories ever told, few do such an amazing job as Final Fantasy III blending so many genres.

Still, you may want to experience (or reexperience) this epic, cinematic tale without spending hours and hours grinding to level up your characters. Here are a few codes that can help you get through the game a bit faster. (All of these codes are from

Free Shop Items

Get any item for free with this code.



Millionaire Code

Alternatively, buy any item to receive 9,999,999 gold.



Spells Cost 1 MP

This code turns your “Magic” command into “X-Magic” (party members can cast 2 spells per turn) and it reduces the MP cost of all spells to 1 MP.



Level Up Faster

With this code enabled, you earn more than 5,000,000 experience points after every battle!


Chrono Trigger

Remember when we said few stories can measure up to the genre-bending storytelling masteryChrono Trigger SNES Game Genie Codes of Final Fantasy III? Well, Chrono Trigger is one of those few. It has everything good we said about Final Fantasy 3 only better, plus time travel.

One of the most enjoyable parts about Chrono Trigger is exploring all the places you can go in all the different time periods. And with the Game Genie, you can even explore places you can’t normally go.

Walk Through Walls

You can walk through walls in towns and other areas by activating the code, 0B60-7FA4. The code 6D78-8FDB (alternate: BC18-8F06) lets you walk through anything on the world map.

Save Anywhere

While wandering around wherever you want, you might as well activate the ability to save wherever you happen to end up. To do this, activate the code, C41A-ED04.

Then, touch any save point. Now you can save anywhere you want to by opening the menu screen. You keep this ability until you enter another area that has a save point.

(Thanks to for most of these codes. The last two codes are from

Unlimited Money

Never run out of gold with the Infinite Gold code: C2EA-5F08.

All Charadcters Have All Abilities

Forget grinding. Unlock all Tech abilities for all characters with 22EC-ED60.

All Characters Are Level 99

While you’re at it, why not max out all your characters to Level 99 with A1EE-EFD9? Alternatively, give your whole party maximum Power, Magic, and Speed with 65EB-E4A9.

Monsters Change Into Other Monsters During Combat

On the other hand, maybe you’d rather add some difficulty to the game with a fun new challenge. If so, E1A5-7765 makes every battle like an unpredictable slot machine. Specifically, it allows monsters to spontaneously turn into other monsters in the middle of a battle.

Change Battle Theme To Unreleased Version

Speaking of new and different Chrono Trigger battles, activate the hidden, unreleased battle theme with CBFA-EFD4 + 9FFA-EF04. It’s new, and different!

Mega Man X

Mega Man X SNES Game Genie CodesOne of the best aspects of the SNES era was the 16-bit revival of several classic game franchises. In fact, many regard these sequels and spin-offs as the best video game sequels ever.

Memorable examples include Super Metroid, Kirby Super Star, and Dracula X (Castlevania series, Japan-only). Even Earthbound is a sequel to the Japan-only NES hit, Mother.

What makes these sequels so great is the “in-between” technology of the SNES. It’s advanced enough to add amazing depth and beauty to our favorite 8-bit game franchises. But it’s also limited enough to retain the simple game mechanics that made classic games popular in the first place.

Another perfect example is Mega Man X. It brings back the classic Mega Man formula, as great as it ever was, and upgrades it. Literally: there are now secret weapon/armor upgrades hidden throughout the game’s 8 main stages.

The best and most secret of these is also the coolest Mega Man easter egg ever: the Hadouken. This upgrade allows Mega Man to perform Ryu’s Hadouken fireball from Street Fighter II.

Besides being nostalgically awesome, it’s also the most powerful weapon in the game. It kills most enemies in one hit, even bosses.

But you must be standing on the ground and have full health to use it. And you can only produce one Hadouken on screen at a time. Conversely, use the Game Genie codes below to bend the rules and have even more fun with the Hadouken.

Start With the Hadouken/Multiple Hadoukens at Once

Normally, you have to defeat all 8 bosses and obtain all upgrades in order to obtain the Hadouken upgrade. Sadly, by that time, most of the game is already completed. So, here’s a code that lets you use the Hadouken right from the start.


Plus, it allows you to perform a Hadouken at any time, even while in the air. You can even break the “1 Hadouken on screen” rule and fire as many Hadoukens as you want.

However, there are two versions of Mega Man X released in the US. This code only works for one version (v1.1).

Here’s an alternate code to immediately enable Hadoukens for the other version (v1.0).


This code might not have all the benefits of the other, though.

Never Recoil When Hit (v1.0)

One of the more frustrating things in the Mega Man games is how Mega Man gets knocked back a few steps when injured. Sometimes, the recoil from a minor injury will knock Mega Man into a pit and kill him. Fortunately, you can remove this recoil from the game with 849D - 34AD.

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