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A Few Reasons to Let Go, and Trade in Your Old Video Games Today!

Selling my video games

 You just love playing your Super Mario Brothers video game – or at least you did back in the day. It’s still OK, but if you’re really honest, it’s starting to feel played out. Now you don’t have to just stash your old video games away.

You can sell video games for cash or games that are brand new to you. The Old School Game Vault makes the process of selling used video games online painless. You can also trade in used consoles and gaming accessories, or buy some retro video games on our site.

Whether you mail in your merchandise or walk into our establishment, as a BBB accredited business with an “A +” rating, The Old School Game Vault Retro Gamingprovides a safe, stress-free way to sell video games either in Morton Grove  or if your reside out of Illinois.

A Simple Process

Our website makes it simple to sell video games online for cash. Simply gather whatever old titles you’re tired of playing, find where the title is listed and click for an instant quote. If you like what you see and you decide to sell, go to the checkout page to fill out your information and click submit. Then wait for one of our associates to get in touch with you with instructions on how to send in your merchandise. Don’t worry; you won’t have a very long wait. We strive to respond to completed sale requests within twenty-four hours.

Once we receive your shipment, we test all the items to ensure that everything is in working order. Once that’s done, unless there is a problem, we send you a check or a payment by PayPal, whichever you prefer, within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of receiving and processing your merchandise. The process is fast, easy and hassle-free.

Do you have a whole library of old video games or systems to sell? We offer free shipping label if your order is $100 or larger, we’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label

All about Old Video Games

Whether you have old Nintendo, Playstation, GameCube or Xbox games, you can sell them online for cash. Even really old school Atari or Sega video games and systems can find a home with us. If it’s a video game or console, and it’s in working order, you can sell it here for a fair price. The only exceptions are PC games and Wii consoles (Wii games are OK) or 360 consoles.

The Old School Game Vault doesn’t just buy and sell video games online. We’re also interested in Nintendo products, including Game Boy and Game Cube. We also accept Sega consoles and Atari consoles as long as they are in good working order.

Used, but Not Abused

If your video games, or consoles are in less-than-perfect condition but still functional, it’s still possible your video games sell. If you would classify your merchandise as “used” or “acceptable” on an online auction site, then it’s probably worthwhile to let us take a look at it. The final price you receive will reflect deductions for such issues as missing instructions, missing art work, cracked jewel cases or missing end labels. Consoles should be shipped with the original AC adapter and other hardware.

Game Trade in for Old School Favorites

Are you an old school video game collector? Or do you just appreciate classics like Breakout 2000 and Skyhammer for Atari Jaguar? We buy and sell a large volume of games so our inventory is ever changing. However, we allow you to sell video games for virtually all games and consoles from the Atari 7800 through the newest games and consoles on the market. If you are looking for a particular title or console, let us know and we’ll try to find it for you.

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