You can sell your old PS4 video games on eBay or Amazon, but why not try selling them on The Old School Game Vault instead? We buy all the great PS4 titles from Uncharted 4, Call of Duty, the free roam Spider Man Games, and The amazing Spider Man Game.


Requirements to Sell PlayStation 4 Games


All PS4 Games Should Include: Case | Manual | Game Disc | Art-Work
Games Received Either With: Copied Art-work | Generic Art-work | or No Art-Work | Will Be Rejected
Games Received in Loose Condition, "meaning game disc only" | Will Be Rejected
Games Received with: Art-Work & Game Disc, but No Manual will lose 30% of Quoted Value
We do not buy: Sports Games, NBA Live, Madden, MLB Games (etc.), Time Dated Games during this era, online only games etc.