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Monetizing your TurboGrafx-16 collection? Here's a strategic approach to ensure a smooth and successful sale. Firstly, conduct thorough market research. Utilize reputable retro game price guides alongside sold listings on established auction platforms to determine current market value for each title. Consider creating enticing bundles categorized by genre, such as action or shoot em up titles, to enhance buyer appeal.

Next, select your preferred sales channel. Dedicated retro game websites, like The Old School Game Vault, are an avenue to sell your games.  We have trade in prices on all the North American Turbografx 16 games.  From Keith Courage, Dungeon Explorer, Ys and many others.  We also buy Turbografx CD games, game systems, turbo express and accessories. Alternatively, local retro game stores provide a faster yet potentially less lucrative option due to lower per-game offers.