Sega DreamCast Console Review, It's One of the Best

The Intro:

The Sega Dreamcast considered by many to be one of the most innovative consoles of its genre. It's funny to think that little white box could provide us a splendid home arcade feel. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact, this may have been the first Xbox Console I have; been told by a few customers that Sega and Microsoft were collaborating in a home video game console together. The console had the first online capabilities, with most consoles being sold with a detachable phone-line modem.

It's too bad this console did not get the recognition it deserved. It may have been the lack luster titles from the sega cd library or the Sega dreamcast Console ReviewSega 32x console, or its library, which turned gamers away.

Not only that, but it's certainly possible gamers got feed up with Sega and their struggles with compatibility amongst their consoles. Seriously, in order to play a 32x CD game, you had to have 3 different consoles or attachments hooked up. Then you needed to have a whole power strip of ac adapters! What the heck was Sega thinking, this certainly could have started the Sega downfall.

On the flip side, one would think the Sega Saturn would have given the Sega DreamCast the notoriety it deserved.

The Sega Saturn, which was the predecessor to the dreamcast, and had a great library of fighting games, both foreign and domestic. If the Sega DreamCast was known for being such a state-of-the-art of video game console, how did it die? That's simple the arrival of the PS2, and the arrival of DVDs's integrated with video game consoles killed the Sega dreamcast.

There have been many current game libraries still running, derived from the Sega DreamCast library. The library is packed full of dynamite games, any gamer would totally enjoy. Not to mention the best version of Marvel Vs Capcom, which has a direct arcade port of the game. Which baffles me why so many gamers go after the Xbox and PS2 versions before the sega dreamcast? 

Another great perk about a sega dreamcast is the ability to play imported games. This is a really cool feature; you just needed to buy a gameshark cdx. The cdx would act as a cheat code enabler or a buffer to play your imported games. One of the more popular import games was Shenmue 2 in PAL format.

Accessories & Controllers:

My only knock with the sega dreamcast would have to be the controllers. To me the controller seemed like a Frisbee, it's a little too wide for me. The controller really doesn't fit perfectly inside your hands. The way you had to stretch your fingers to full play certain games, seem odd for me. The dreamcast also had a huge variety of controllers from: Racing Wheels, Flight Simulator Controllers, and maybe the best controller in the arcade sticks.

Arcade sticks were large controllers, which created the arcade type, feel while playing your games. Sega did make its own brand of arcade controllers, there however are some third party “hori” controllers that possibly better suited for the arcade feel. Many of the fighting games used this type of controller; yes, it was optional to buy. On the other hand, some of these arcade controllers are pretty Sega dreamcastbig, and at times feel better playing with on the floor rather than sitting in your lap.

The dreamcast did have some weird and strange accessories. Most notably were the keyboard, fishing controller and the mouse attachment. The only games I ever played with the keyboard was the typing of the dead, which was fine if you wanted to learn how to type.

Memory cards:

The dreamcast had what they called a VMU or (Visual Memory Unit) this was a memory card that used batteries, but slide into your controller. The cool thing about a VMU it had a screen to show, you save data, or it could easily be activated from loading up your console. The console also had a regular memory cards, and rumble paks available.

The Sega Dreamcast had one of the most impressive gaming libraries:

Fighting Games:

When I think of Sega dreamcast I certainly think of fighters. The import library probably contains fewer fighters than that of the Sega Marvel Vs Capcom 2Saturn. That in no way is a deterrent, so let's break down some best.
  • The Last Blade 2
  • Street Fighter III: The third Strike
  • Soul Calibur
  • Power Stone
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes.
  • Other nominations include: Project Justice, King of Fighters 98, Capcom Vs. SNK – I loved the fact Sega had this type game in its line up.

Role Playing Games

Any true gaming console must excel with its premium RPG games. The dreamcast; had a horde of highly sot after titles. Here is the top 5 Shenmue – which is probably the most well recognized dreamcast game. Honorable mentions would be Time Stalkers, and Silver.

  • Grandia II
  • Skies of Arcadia
  • Evolution: The Sacred Device
  • Elemental Gimmick Gear
  • Phantasy Star Online
  • The most popular import game being Shenmue 2

Sports Games:

Surprising, most video game consoles aren't thought about for their sports titles. The dreamcast didn't offer the likes of Madden or NBA Live, instead players choose from the Virtua and 2k games. Many gamers considered the 2k series to be far superior to that of the likes of Madden and NBA live games during this current generation. Also, to help sell the sports library, Sega released an all black Sega sports edition console.  The console was one of the few colored consoles issued in North America.

Action Adventure Games:

This is one section that the dreamcast set it's self apart from the rest of the pack. Many games in this section of the library carried the success of the dreamcast.
  • Jet Set Radio - This game is so fun and addictive
  • Sonic Adventure 2 – I know it sounds corny to say, but I really enjoyed this title
  • Resident Evil 2 – During the late 90s, this is one series that brought a new element of horror to households across the country. Very popular with pretty much every console during the genre, and a series that is still going strong today.
  • Crazy Taxi – A fun game, which was awesome in the arcade, that Sega ported masterfully into the dreamcast library. This title maybe should be listing in racing/driving category, but it's my blog, so it stays here.

Racing Games:

The dreamcast did not offer the library any of the Need for Speed or Gran Turismo titles. It did however counter with its own Sega GT Series. The formula 1 games were also popular, and let's not forget about the above-mentioned Crazy Taxi series.  But my top 5 has to be:

  • San Francisco Rush, 2049
  • Metropolis Street Racer
  • Sega GT
  • V-Rally 2
  • Hydro Thunder - Boats, Boats and more Boats

Shumps & Shooters:

One game that every "Sega Fan" thinks about when you say Sega DreamCast and shooters in the same sentence has to be The House of the Dead 2. The House of the Dead 2 was best played with a gun-controller attachment.
There are some great shumps in the library. 
  • Banji-O
  • Gun-Bird
  • Mars Matrix
  • Last Hope
  • Giga Wing & Giga Wing 2

The Conclusion:

The dreamcast was surely an extraordinary gaming console. Which was very groundbreaking with hosting online-gaming servers. When you look back at any console and examine the library of rpg games and fighters, the dreamcast is a great console with games for all. If you've never picked up a dreamcast they can be purchase relatively cheap and can create hours of enjoyment for all.

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