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The Old School Game Vault enables you to sell the gba games online. We buy almost the entire library of the Gameboy advance Games.Our trade-in prices are for loose “gba cartridges” we do not require the original box or manual when you sell Nintendo Gameboy Advance games online to us. The only few GBA games we don’t buy whicha are a few random sports titles and full color video movie games. You can also sell GBA Consoles and accessories to us.

(GameBoy Advance, GBA): Activision Anthology

Brand: Nintendo

Price: $10.59

The box and manual are not included when selling GameBoy Advance games, but are always welcome.  Ensure the game label is free from tears and stickers, to avoid being rejected

 Cool Facts about the GBA Library

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance was certainly a welcome handheld addition. Really is wasn't till the Game Boy Advance SP console, did the true power of this device become apparent. The GBA Sp as it's called, had a backlit screen, meaning you could see the game you where playing from any angle. This was huge, as you didn't need magnifiers and lights to see what the heck you where playing!

The GBA library was packed full of the classic nintendo games. You even had the ability to play original game boy and game boy color games on the console. Some of the more popular Game BOy Advance titles included: the Metroid Series, Castlevania series, Fire Emblem as multiple titles were released for each series. The legend of zelda series, and Mario games were popular for sure. The pokemon series took center stage with a bunch of titles from: Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, FireRed and Leafgreen and pinball.

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