Social Sim: Check. Dungeon-Crawler: Check. Persona Does It All Both Absurdly and Well
            One of the most pleasant surprises of the end of the PS2’s life cycle were Atlus’s Persona 3 (2007) and Persona 4 (2008), both released in North America long after the next generation of consoles had come out.
Alien 3 Review for the Super Nintendo - SNES
The Intro: When Alien 3 first hit theaters, expectations were high. James Cameron’s Aliens took everyone’s favorite space monster franchise to an entirely new level and created one of the most iconic cinema experiences of all time.
The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past SNES Review
It's always tough to quantify how much of a cultural impact things have when you're looking back at them several years (or decades) later. No one can really put into words what it felt like to be alive when a piece of art that was iconic first came out. This game Zelda A Link To The Past SNES Review is such a fun and adventurous game to review, hope you enjoy... 
How to Trade in Video Games for Cash
One of the worst experiences for gamers is seeing the new game that just came out, but not having the funds to make a purchase. There are options for the gamer whose cash flow is not quite up to snuff, a lot of retro video games have high trade-in value.
The Best Gaming Franchises of All Time: Sonic The Hedgehog
Have you ever wished you could run super-fast? But not just fast – blazingly, ridiculously fast? Of course you have – you are a gamer.  And therefore, it’s no surprise that you have either enjoyed a Sonic game or know someone who has enjoyed turning into a ball and dashing through the Green Hill Zone.
The Top Five Badass Spies in Video Games
They drop in through the ceiling. They crawl in through tunnels. Furthermore, they send their enemies to the afterlife in a silent, noiseless maneuver. They charm beautiful men and women and travel the world, taking on incredible risks and pulse-pounding missions.
Rarer than Unicorns: Escort Missions That Deserve Saving
As I discuss in a related post [here], escort missions are usually terrible, bringing otherwise fun games to a screeching halt with shoddy mechanics, annoying characters, and terrible AI.
Why Retro Gaming is on the Rise
  The trend can’t be denied: retro video games and the new popularity in gaming. Rabid collectors scour the globe for old Atari 2600 cartridges, and folks young and old can be found with old dusty consoles sitting alongside their PS4s and Xbox Ones. So how is it that eight bits can compete with billions of polygons per second for a spot in the...
Thats Phat! The Best Video Games from the Year 1998
The year 1998 was a truly landmark year in video game history. This was the year Legend of Zelda finally went 3D. The first FPS with a stellar, story-driven campaign was released. The age of the modern stealth game began.