Remastered Video Games Worth It? Or a Ploy for Money
As entertainment consumers, most of us love remastered old releases. Whether it’s music or film, giving the classics an update is more often than not a net positive. And the trend of remastering old video game titles has also grown to be a mostly positive thing, as we discussed in a previous post.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project, Nintendo NES Review
Intro: I’ve certainly realized why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 was voted the best game on the Nintendo NES in 1992. This release of the turtles game was similar to Turtles II: The Arcade Game. It featured side-scrolling action.
Tips to Controlling Your Video-Game Addiction
  According to data, today’s millennials are the most plugged-in generation in history. On average they spend a whopping 9.5 hours a day engaging with media, usually through smartphones. But it isn’t just mobile devices that have hooked folks—for many people, their drug of choice is video games.
Holy Crap! Counterfeit Video Games & The Growing Problem!
Counterfeit Video Games are steadily making their way into homes more & more frequently.  As, the used video game market has been a wildly profitable industry ever since the home-console boom of the 1980s. And over the decades, the home video-game market has only continued to grow.
Conker’s Bad Fur Day Review for the Nintendo 64
The Intro: Conker is a cute, cuddly squirrel. As such, you would probably expect a game that features said cute squirrel to be a whimsical kid-friendly tale that features all kinds of adorable talking animals and aww-inducing moments.
What’s the Secret to Pokémon's Success after 20 years?
2016 marks the 20-year anniversary of the day little cuddly monsters called Pokémon first appeared on everyone’s favorite Gameboy. The title was a labor of love created and slaved over by famed designer Satoshi Tajiri, who, as legend has it, was inspired by his childhood hobby of collecting insects.
What Made Arcade's So Special....
Today, millions of people from all over the world take part in a multi-billion dollar a year industry called competitive gaming. The rise of eSports has facilitated this trend—and people take it seriously.
GameCube Video Game Trade In Prices, are Soaring in Value
The Nintendo GameCube was Nintendo’s fourth home video game console. The console itself may not be the best-selling retro gaming console. On the other hand, the game library has some of the best variety of games ever made.  This fantastic library is the reason for some of the highest video game trade in prices ever!
BioShock 1 “Rapture” Vs. BioShock Infinite “Columbia”
Just finished a re-play of BioShock Infinite the other day. There are so many reviews and gamers calling BioShock Infinite one of the best games every made for the PS3. I’ve been so excited to actually have time to re-play this masterpiece “Its hard to make time with kids” Lol... I have played the first two games in the series so; I have truly enjoyed the under water world of rapture.