The Best Retro Horror Video Games
At the OSGV, we are huge fans of two things – retro games and horror. Which is why it should come as absolutely no surprise that some of our favorite games of all time are horror games!Today, we are going to take a look back at some horror gaming classics.  Don't miss out on our picks for some of the best games to play on Halloweeen.
Discover - The Best Retro Video Games from 1995
1995 was a landmark year for video games. The PlayStation was only a few months old, and Sony was looking to make a comeback after Nintendo and the SNES had been trouncing their products.
The Best Lost, but not Forgotten Video Game Consoles
With Nintendo’s popularity at an all-time low, Xbox and PlayStation have become the Coke and Pepsi of home game consoles. But there was a time when there were many systems on the market from which to choose. 
Batman The Video Game Nintendo NES Review
 The Intro: My fingers are still hurting after playing this little gem last night. This game came out shortly after the Batman Movie released in 1989 with Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Michael Keaton as Batman. This maybe one of the hardest nes games ever made.
Do it! Why you need to Buy an Original Nintendo NES Console
The reasons to buy Original Nintendo NES Console.  I just bought this retro bad boy for my wife and myself the other day.  Sure, I saw plenty of bootleg mini-nintendo consoles for a heck of a lot cheaper, but I don’t support buying any reproduction video game or video game console for that matter.  
The Nintendo Virtual Boy, Is it Nintendo's Biggest Failure?
Community college student Palmer Luckey made a splash at CES 2013 with his 3D gaming headset, the Oculus Rift. The buzz was so strong, in fact, that Facebook purchased Oculus in 2014 for the staggering sum of $2 billion. The interesting thing is that this technology is not new news.
Final Fantasy IX Review for The PlayStation 1
The Intro: Simplicity is a word you seen thrown around when people write about Final Fantasy IX. They say that it is the game that brings the series “back to the basics,” that it is a celebration of the past.  We have to wonder if this game was a success or not, as explain in this Final Fantasy IX Review.
The Six Best X-Men Video Games You Gotta Play!
The stars have aligned. The pleas of a legion of devoted, entertainment-starved fanbase have reached the heavens and changed the order of things.
Nintendo 64 Role Playing Games, The Forgotten Genre?
The Nintendo 64 is a video game console that is seen as a lot of things. With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to look back and see the console as the moment where Nintendo started to lose its grip on the video game industry that it once dominated.