Golden Suns Storytelling Catastrophe, Makes it a Waste of Time?
My retro review of Golden Sun briefly touches on the game’s major storytelling blunder alongside consideration of other elements of the game, many of which are quite well done. Here, though, I want to spend more time analyzing what went so terribly wrong with Golden Sun’s storytelling, especially the ending.
How to Use Keywords to Sell Video Games on Our Website
The main focal point of this video [Shown Below] is to introduce you to using keywords. Using identifiable keywords to sell your games will speed up the selling process on our website. The best practice is to search for the games and type the title of the game out as listed on the game or case.
Here is our Picks for: The Best Super Mario Games of the 1990's
Few gaming franchises have established as much of a legacy and a permanent spot in the gaming pantheon as the adventures of Mario and his cast of lovable characters. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a crucial decade for the Mario franchise – the 90s – and count down the best games the franchise released in these 10 years. Let’s begin.
Borderlands STORY Is Good Enough and That’s All It Has to Be
Spoiler note: This post contains plot spoilers about Borderlands and Borderlands 2 and, by default, spoilers about the characters in the upcoming Pre-Sequel who also appear in Borderlands 2. Spoiling Borderlands 1 for you might actually be doing you a favor, though. That ending’s terrible.
The 10 Best Mech Games of All Time – Part 1: Target Locked
Before we begin, let’s get something out of the way. There’s literally no one on the planet who hasn’t dreamed of waking up one day, receiving a holographic phone call from a hot secretary who tells you “The world needs you.
Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy VI Review - GBA
Final Fantasy VI Intro: I became a Final Fantasy fan in 1997 with FFVII, and have played every (non-MMO) game in the series since. I only just now went back to the game in the series most likely to give FFVII a run for its money as best Final Fantasy ever
Getting Lost all over Again, with Shining Force for the Game Boy Advance
  The Intro: Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon has had a remarkably good shelf life. The 2004 Game Boy Advance strategy RPG is, in fact, itself a remake of a 1992 Sega Genesis game.  That adds new characters, battles, plot, and gameplay revisions, and since 2004,
Snow Brothers - A Silly Concept, with a High asking price....
Snow Brothers Intro: Definitely a goofy game, the gameplay is very similar to that of Bubble Bobble. The overall game isn’t very hard just long and a little redundant. You have to complete 50 stages in the game, with a boss battle after each 10. The bosses are some crazy looking reptilian type characters.
Consider Yourself a Hero: A Retro NES Review of Contra
Contra Intro: Contra is a huge nostalgia game for me. I have many fond memories of sitting in a dark basement with a friend blasting away at this and Super C for hours. This is the first run-and-gun game I remember playing, and it was mind-blowingly fun, especially in co-op.