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Remakes have to walk a tightrope between pleasing purist fans of the original and finding new audiences (and the cash in those audiences’ pockets), and the game that pleases both camps entirely is rare.  
The Intro: The woods are dark, mysterious, eerie and almost inviting. A shrill shriek pierces the air. The scene of a crime perhaps, or the cry of an anguished soul. You decide to follow the sound. What will you find?
The Intro: Sniper Elite III has one card to play, and it’s a damn good card. However, everything around that one thing feels like going through the motions. When you’re crouching, steadying your shot, controlling your breath and sending some lead flying through the air from hundreds
Just finished a re-play of BioShock Infinite the other day. There are so many reviews and gamers calling BioShock Infinite one of the best games every made for the PS3. I’ve been so excited to actually have time to re-play this masterpiece “Its hard to make time with kids” Lol... I have played the first two games in the series so; I have truly enjoyed the under water world of rapture.
The Intro: Final Fantasy is one of the most popular franchises in all of RPG gaming. Through the years, Square Enix has taken elements of what makes the RPG genre great and blended it with fantastic lore, a distinct visual style and addictive gameplay, making the series a hit across multiple platforms.

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