Console Wars - The Sega Saturn or the Sega DreamCast?
Console Wars: The Sega Saturn and the Sega Dreamcast were two machines that enjoyed as many similarities as they did stark differences. One system marked the end of the 90s gaming era, and the other ushered in the much-heralded 6th-generation of consoles that defined the new millennium.
Sell N64 Video Games & How to Cash in Online with Them
When you start thinking about a place to sell n64 video games online, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind. The first is true when selling any type of collectible, from comic books to baseball cards and everything in between.
The Best NES Shooters or Best NES Shmups List
Kids dream about all kinds of things, but one of the dreams I’m pretty sure you and I shared as children was about being a badass fighter pilot. How cool would it be if we could explore the final frontier in a cool ship with lots of blasters and turrets and liberate planets by shooting bad guys in the face? 
Christmas Themed Video Games & The 10 Best to Play
Ho ho ho! It’s the most wonderful time of the year With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you be of good cheer It’s that time of the year again, folks. Unwrapping gifts, decorating homes, and enjoying sumptuous meals with your family and loved ones.
Golden Sun Review for The Nintendo Game Boy Advance, GBA
When I first got my Game Boy Advance in 2010, Golden Sun (2001) was one of my first games. My younger brother told me it was a GBA-exclusive RPG that I would really enjoy.
Bloodborne Is Fun BECAUSE It’s Hard—And Here’s Why!
I’m not the kind of player who longs for “the good old days” when games seemed to hate you and want you to die. My attempt to replay Paperboy and recapture the glory of my NES days was short-lived as I realized how needlessly, unrewardingly cruel that game is—I just didn’t know any better as a kid. 
Why Video Games & Consoles Turn that Nasty Yellow Color
It can happen to even the most scrupulous retro-game collector. You’ve got a pristine Super Nintendo displayed alongside other throwback consoles, and yet somehow it turns yellow over time. 
Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a PlayStation Vita
Buying a new gaming device is always exciting; until you get it home and find out that you don’t have everything you need to actually play it. So before you purchase that new PlayStation Vita, know your facts and avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game Review
Turtles II: The Arcade Game Intro: The turtle’s franchise took an enormous turn for the better with TMNT II: The Arcade Game. Don’t get me wrong, the first turtle’s game on the NES was good, but very hard. With the turtle’s in the arcade already, a port to the NES was all this series needed.