Tales from the Borderlands - Review
Intro: When Telltale Games first started creating episodic games, there was a lot of skepticism in the gaming community. Over the years, they’ve proven that creating interesting and thought provoking gaming adventures out of whatever source material they touch comes naturally to them.
Oddworld New N Tasty PS4 Review - The Old School Game Vault
The Intro: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee first released on the PlayStation well over 16 years ago, in 1997. At the time, the game stood out due to its quirky, memorable graphics and a weird protagonist that you journeyed with through a harsh and difficult, but always enjoyable game.
Metrico Playstation Vita Review
The Intro: Have you heard the popular phrase “Statistics are sexy?” No? Well, we haven’t heard of it either. That’s because when most of us think of statistics, we think of a bunch of numbers that immediately bring down the energy level of any conversation. Yet, in today’s day and age, we’re surrounded by statistics. They’re inescapable, as a matte...
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The Intro: Resident Evil has become a survival horror benchmark. With a franchise as popular as it is, there are bound to be some inconsistent entries in there. As a fan of the genre or the franchise, you would be totally justified in having your reservations about Resident Evil: Revelations 2.
The Order 1886 Playstation 4 Review
When the first gameplay trailers for The Order: 1886 came out, gamers worldwide were thrilled. Here was a cool-looking game which had werewolves, fantastic weapons and immortal knights!
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