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At their best, Nintendo games bridge generations. “Super Mario Bros.”, “The Legend of Zelda”, “Metroid”, “Donkey Kong”—these games, and the colorful cast of characters that populate them, have made appearances on most Nintendo consoles, such was their enduring popularity.
The Intro: If you’re interesting in playing old games, you’ll be faced with a dilemma. Unless you want to head over to eBay and pay lots of money for a good copy of the original game, your only other option is pirating ROMs of the game.
First-person shooters, platformers, side-scrollers, shoot-em-ups—these are just a few of the many video game genres out there. Add all those sub-genres into the mix and you have near limitless options for gaming. 
The Info: Super Mario Bros is a fond part of gamers’ memories for several different reasons. It was a fun, challenging platformer that rewarded skill and timing and featured a colorful, cutesy universe.
The Super Nintendo will probably go down in history as the best retro console of its time. It had an extensive library of stellar games that went on to become classics. These included “Super Mario All Stars,” “Super Mario Kart,” “Starfox,” “Donkey Kong Country” and “Mortal Kombat.” But one area where the SNES really excelled was role-playing games.
A couple decades ago, arcade games were all the rage. And one genre of games that were as ubiquitous as any were brawlers, otherwise known as “beat ‘em ups.” These games made a seamless transition to consoles, offering home gamers the opportunity to take out relentless hordes of oncoming villains.
The Intro: There are more Street Fighter games than there are memes about Justin Bieber. OK, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. You get the point. For every Street Fighter game release, there are several others padded with prefixes like Super, Hyper, Remix and Ultra. Ultra Street Fighter IV, which promised a whole host of goodies, was shown to screaming gamers at the Sony conference in February. And for hadouken-blasting PS4 owners everywhere, it has finally arrived.
History: Batman is a complicated guy. Several times over Batman’s storied history, writers have talked about the emotional and psychological toll his actions have. Is Batman the cause of all of the problems that Gotham currently faces?
In 1995, console gaming was on the cusp of a new era. 16-bit systems were going the way of the buffalo, and 32-bit was the new news. Home gaming was poised to become more than side-scrolling platformers,
With Nintendo’s popularity at an all-time low, Xbox and PlayStation have become the Coke and Pepsi of home game consoles. But there was a time when there were many systems on the market from which to choose. 

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